Sentosa 4D Magix (Magic) Singapore: The Largest Virtual Theater in South East Asia

Nothing Beats Sentosa 4D Magix (Magic) Singapore, a mind blowing interactive experience of fun and enjoyment. This is constructed at a cost of $3.5 million. This state-of-the-art theater offers you the latest trends in movie magic. You will witness a wide array of visual effects, surround sound, and individually controlled motion seats all in coherence and in full synchronization. You can also witness special live environmental effects such as the water spray. All your senses will be immersed in this mind blowing spectacle.

The Sentosa 4D Magix (Magic) Singapore has been famous all time and hitting over half a million riders since its inauguration. It is considered that 75% of whom were tourists. This tourist attraction that is situated in the Imbiah Lookout in Sentosa will give the visitors to capture a truly exhilarating cinematic experience. This is said to be Singapore’s first and South East Asia’s largest four-dimensional theater. It offers you a full charge of four-dimensional special effects, as you doge raging bullets and jump over the highest cliffs just like in the movies.

The Sentosa 4D Magix is making sure to take visitors to the future of movies with a breath taking interactive experience.


Sentosa 4D Magix theater is fully equipped with the latest rend state-of-the-art Digital Projection and DTS 6.1 surround sound system. The highlights of this four-dimensional theater are the special mobile seats. Each seat, which cost about $10,000, has been set up with special effects such as built in speakers, seat vibration, leg ticklers, base shaker and water spray. The movement effect is directly experience by the riders with the use of individually controlled seat. A flash of lightning during a storm, or the release of the water when somebody splashes from the water immerses the viewer in to the movie. As compared to the movies, you’ll be dodging some bullets when the crabs crawl around the legs and jumping over the cliffs like how they are executed in the movies.

Sentosa 4D Magix Highlights

  • Mobile seats costs for about $10,000 and equipped with special effects
  • Built – in speakers, vibration seats, leg ticklers water effects, shaker effects are the features that comprises the mobile seat
  • Sentosa 4D Magix is the largest virtual theater in South East Asia
  • Show control system is being executed in the entire theater; incorporating all the effects in one single coordination.

At present, the only four-dimensional movie showing is “Pirates”. This is said to be an adventure comedy wherein viewers are immersed to the hilarious adventures and misadventures of Captain Lucky and his funny crew on their clumsy odyssey for treasure. The show runs for about fifteen minutes. It is based on social research that anything after fifteen minutes; the audience will not be able to fully enjoy the surprises in the theater. This is a special case and is definitely not a normal movie wherein you will seat for the next two hours.

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