MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa – Thrill Everywhere

MegaZip adventure park sentosa
MegaZip adventure park Sentosa is full of suprises!

If you are an adrenaline-junky who is not afraid of trying thrilling adventures and climbing extreme heights, then MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa is a place for you. Thrilling and electrifying rides of all kinds await you here. Once in MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa, you won’t feel the need of going anywhere else for fun and adventure. This place will give you enough chills and thrills to last till your next visit here. It is liked by kids and adults alike.

Thrilling Adventures to enjoy at the MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa

MegaZip Adventure

A 75 meters high zip line is ready to take you from Imbiah Hill to Fox Finish Point. This is one of its kind thrilling rides, which you can enjoy with your friends and family by racing with them. MegaZip consists of three wire zips which you can take each with your friends and can have an amazing day racing with each other. The speed of this ride is 50 km/hr, so beware it really is a rush and flight of a lifetime.


If you are still craving for some more thrills after an exciting flight on MegaZip, then ClimbMax will be able to quench your thirst. After a flight in the air, ClimbMax gives you the chance to check your physical abilities and mind alertness by climbing and crossing 40 feet high dangerous course rope tied. There are three levels, and you need to clear each level to qualify for the next. Although it sounds dangerous, but is well guarded by the staff who makes sure that every experience is safer for you and your family. It is an addictive adventure for sure.


This 50 feet high jump without a plane at ParaJump leap point will leave your hearts pounding and still you will be craving for more. The amazing and breathtaking views of Jungle and Ocean will make you try this ride over and over again. ParaJump is similar to a parachute jump from the plane, but the difference is that a plane is not involved practically in it. If MegaZip was a flight of a lifetime, then this is a jump of a lifetime.


If cliff climbing is your passion then this 16 meters wall will provide you with enough cliff climbing like experience. This wall has three different routes to reach up to the top, but you have to find your own way to race it to the top. Climbing is carried out under guidance of the climbing instructors that are always alert. So if you are still not tired and have energy to try some more thrills, then NorthFace is waiting for you.


  1. There are many different discount combos available for you to enjoy all the adventures.

Handy Tips

  1. Although, all measure regarding your safety are taken by the administration, but you also have to stay alert while taking the adventurous rides.

MegaZip Adventure Park Timings and Address

Adventurous day begins daily at 11:00 AM till 7:00 PM.

Address: At Imbiah Hill Road, Sentosa, Singapore 098967 this thrilling adventure park is waiting for its visitors.

If you have been to MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa, then please share your experience by adding comments below 🙂

Photo Credit: Choo Yut Shing


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