Meet Seven Pelican Species in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Seven Pelican Species can be seen in Jurong Bird Park Singapore
Seven Pelican Species can be seen in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Apart from the fish, the water birds also add to the beauty of ponds and lakes. Pelican is one such large bird that swims over water as well as dives in the air. It has a long beak with a little deeper lower half to drain water as it swallows the prey seafood. Thus, Pelican is a fisher, swimmer and a pilot.

Complete Collection of Pelican Species

Till now, the Jurong Bird Park Singapore offers most comprehensive collection of Pelican Species. There are seven species kept in the park. In all, there are eight species in the world. At the Pelican Cove, there is an endangered species of Pelican named Dalmatian Pelican. Dalmatian weighs between eleven to fifteen kilograms. There are also some other species of Pelicans at Jurong Bird Park including Great White Pelican, Gull and Australian Pelicans.

The current IUCN conversation status of Dalmatian Pelican is threatened and it belongs to vulnerable group. It is also among one of the largest living bird species and one of the world’s heaviest flying bird species (11.5 KG weight/25 lb). The largest single remaining colony of Dalmatian Pelican is at Lake Mikri in Greece with approximately 1,400 pairs. There are about 5,000 breeding pairs alive in the world. Read more about Dalmatian Pelican here.

Under Water Viewing

You would not only be able to see how the Pelican swims over the water, but also how they dive and catch fish under water. The Jurong Bird Park has made world’s first underwater gallery to observe underwater life of the Pelicans.

How to feed Pelican

It is great to see how the pelicans are fed at the Jurong Bird Park. The park daily opens the gallery for visitors to let them observe feeding sessions of the birds. At 14:00 hours every day, you can also feed the Pelicans after knowing how to do it.

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