The Maritime Experiential Museum Showcases the Jewels of Asian Maritime History

If you want to learn Asian maritime history from 9th to 19th century in a few hours only, then there is no need to study mind-boggling encyclopaedias anymore. Plan a visit to the Maritime Experiential Museum and get everything under one single roof!

Being one of the must-see destinations in Singapore, the Maritime Experiential Museum displays more than 400 rare objects, more than 60,000 artifacts and everything you want to know about Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Bahrain, Iran, UAE and every other Asian country. Ever thought to know the secret of Dubai’s maritime success?


The Maritime Experiential museum is constructed on the theme of Asian silk route from 9th to 19th century. It contains everything about the silk route; the life, tragedies, rulers, devastation’s and trade methods etc.


  • The Jewel of Muscat

The 21 feet wide and 58 feet long Jewel of Muscat is not a precious stone or a crown. It is actually a replica of the Belitung Shipwreck which was an Arabian dhow found in 1998 near Belitung Island and salvaged. You will get a chance to try your hand at Arabian navigation tools and ‘Kamal’.

  • Bao Chuan

Admiral Zheng He’s treasure ship’s replica stands as an enormous giant ready to load all the cargo, water tanks, combat ships, patrol ships, horse ships and supply ships, and ship out on the journey of Indian Ocean. Original remains of Admiral Zheng He ship including livestock, food water vessels, weapons and horses are also exhibited.

  • SOUK Ports

The SOUK contains 8 ports which geographically and historically define the importance of Asian civilizations. To add fervor to the sight of ports, traditionally originating smells and sounds have been added. The upper parts inform you about Asian maritime trade. The basement enlightens the interactive sections on Asian trade routes.

  • Special Chinaware Artifacts

A detailed history and production technique of the world renowned Chinaware is given in the China development section. The mesmerizing antiques pigmented with hand and oil paintings take you back to the times where man was learning how to live, not how to develop!

  • Typhoon Theatre

The 360 degree multimedia theatre will undoubtedly make this journey your most awaited discovery of life. The theatre floor is constructed as a ship floor, where tourists dock. The screen then takes the tourists on a journey of the oceans, where the floor shakes, ocean waters scream, the sky darkens, ship rolls and finally a storm comes and takes everyone down into the ocean bottoms.

5 Things to Remember

  1. At the entrance, you will be handed over a blue colored museum passport. Get the passport stamped at each port and take it home as museum souvenir.
  2. The central attraction; Jewel of Muscat allures you from a few feet away. You cannot enter the ship, sadly.
  3. Don’t forget to color your own Wayang Kulit.
  4. Catch Jazz nights on Friday and Saturday along with a delicious meal of fish and crabs.
  5. Hands on activities are also given to the tourists, which explain about how to construct Chinese Junk and a lot more. You can take these to home.

Opening Hours

Apart from public holidays, the museum opens at 10 AM and closes at 7 PM from Monday to Thursday, whereas; the last entry is possible till 6:30 PM only. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the museum opens at 10 AM and shuts down at 9 PM.


The Maritime Experiential Museum is located on Sentosa Island in Resort World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway.


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