Marine Life Park Singapore Ensures True Aquatic Adventures

Marine Life Park Singapore
Marine Life Park Singapore

There is indeed another universe below us that is home to millions of species living there. Some people are scared of deep sea diving and therefore, they regret missing the quiet and serene life below the deep waters. Marine Life Park Singapore gives you a chance to visit the deep blue sea life without getting wet. It gives you a chance to get close and personal with the aquatic life and enjoy the serene moments here.

Explore Marine Life Park Singapore

S.E.A Aquarium


S.E.A aquarium at Resort World Sentosa holds the Guinness World Record for being the biggest oceanarium one in the world. A visit to Marine Life Park Singapore is incomplete without visiting S.E.A. Aquarium. It is a bit frightening at first when you see dangerous sharks and rays swimming over and around you that are only kept away by a piece of glass, but soon you become used to and it becomes the most amazing experience of your life. This aquarium lets you discover the undiscovered wonders by bringing you closer to the aquatic community.

Adventure Cove Park

adventure cove

Adventure Cove Water Park promises you endless hours of splashy fun as you go down the water slides that will increase the adrenaline in you. For a waterside Adventure, you can go to the Bluewater Bay where artificial waves welcome you. However the main attraction of this Adventure Cove Park is the Adventure River, where you get a chance to do snorkeling over 20,000 fishes. The sounds and water adventure awaits you at Adventure Cove Park.

Dolphin Island


There will be hardly anyone on this planet who does not like dolphins. These friendly creatures await you at Dolphin Island at Marine Life Park Singapore. There are certain programs that give you a chance to dive in the pool with dolphins and spend a fun time with them knowing and learning about their habits. Once you become friends with these lovely creatures, it will become impossible for you to leave them.

Ultimate Marine Encounters

marine life a

As the name suggests, this section offers you a chance to know the sea-giants more closely then you have ever known them. To bring you closer to the aquatic life, Sea Trek is a great way that lets you breathe inside the deep sea and experience the quiet world beneath the hustle and bustle of the city life. Shark Adventure, Ray Bay and Open Ocean Dive are few other offerings that aim to introduce you to the sea life more closely.


  1. You will get a chance to know the sea life from a different perspective.
  2. It teaches you that beauty of aquatic life dominates its dangers.
  3. Your kids will get a chance to play and become friends with dolphins.

Useful Tips

  1. If you are planning to visit Singapore from mid November to mid December 2013 then you will find Sea Trek Adventure and Open Ocean Drive close because of the husbandry reasons.
  2. All programs in Ultimate Marine Encounters are offered on first come first serve basis, so remember to get your place booked as early as possible.


Adventure Cove Waterpark can be visited Daily from 10am – 6pm.
S.E.A. Aquarium remains open Daily from 10am – 7pm.


Marine Life Park Singapore awaits you at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Sentosa is one of the main tourist attraction in Singapore. Similar attractions to Marina Life Park in Sentosa includes Underwater World, Megazip Adventure Park, Port of Lost Wonder, Maritime Experiential Museum & Songs of the Sea.

Photo Credits: CYS & Cpark188.

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