Flamingo Pool in Bird Park Nurture & Breed Flamingo’s

Flamingo Pool in Jurong Bird Park
Catch a glimpse of Pinkish Caribbean Flamingos in Flamingo Pool

Flamingo Pool Highlights

Flamingos are counted among the most beautiful birds. The administration of Singapore realizes the importance of its fauna and appreciates the beauty of birds. Thus, it takes care of its birds and cooperates with international organizations and agencies to breed birds specially flamingos. In the Flamingo Pool of the Jurong Bird Park, there are various different species of flamingos including the Chilean and Caribbean Flamingos.

Breeding Flamingos

Jurong Bird Park is breeding and feeding flamingos since four decades. The park is a part of international efforts to conserve the wildlife; birds particularly. The different breeds of flamingos in the pool cluster separately and live in their own families. The Chilean Flamingos are decreasing in number mainly due to their use in medicines and traditional dishes. The Jurong Bird Park preserves Chilean Flamingo which is highly threatened. The population trend is decreasing due to hunting and degradation of natural habitat.

Do you know that flamingos can use their tall thin legs to walk at the speed of around 40 – 60 steps per minute.

Hooting Flamingos

Caribbean FlamingoThe Caribbean Flamingos hoot in a chorus when they sense an upcoming fear. Thus, if at Jurong Bird Park you hear such a chorus tootle, you must know that the flamingos are out of their comfort zone. These birds are highly concerned about their cleanliness so, you would find them grooming feathers most of the time in the flamingo pool.

Don’t forget to have enough battery in your camera as you will be taking non-stop snaps of flamingos in the flamingo pool. Do share your stories in the comment below if you had visited flamingo pool.

Another place to spot pink flamingo in Jurong Bird Park is by Flamingo Lake.

Read more about Chilean Flamingo here.

Photo Credit: CYS & Flickr

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