Flamingo Lake Invites You to Test Your Camera Skills

Catch colorful pink flamingos in Flamingo Lake
Catch colorful pink flamingos in Flamingo Lake

Flamingo Lake in Jurong Bird Park

Shining surface of the Flamingo Lake in Jurong Bird Park offers home to scores of flamingos. Most of the visitors to the bird park like to take pictures with the lake and the flock of flamingos in the background. The Flamingo Lake looks enchanting especially as the sun starts getting up the horizon. The Greater Flamingos, Lesser Flamingos & American Flamingos add to the beauty of the lake.

Do you know that there are six species of flamingos in the world and Jurong Bird Park carries three of them? You’ll also get to see large flock of Pink Flamingos in the park which belongs to the American Flamingo specie classification.

Observe Wild Birds’ Life

Not all the flamingos are white. Some have a very pretty pink color with red feather streaking (especially American Flamingos). The big beautiful birds walk around in the Flamingo Lake and let the visitors know about the lifestyle of flamingos. It offers a gymnastic look when the flamingos stand on one foot and hide the second under their feathers.

Flamingo Hair Color Formula

The pink and red color of the flamingos is due to their food; they eat shell food and crustaceans. The flamingo may actually lose its color if it does not receive its dietary supplement. So, you are recommended not to feed flamingo in Jurong Bird Park without being sure about what they eat.

Varieties of Flamingos

In the Jurong Bird Park, you can fine three species of flamingos i.e., Greater Flamingo, Lesser Flamingo & American Flamingo. It astonishes the visitors how the birds can carry so much weight on such thin legs. After visiting the Flamingo Lake and seeing different species of flamingos, you will enhance your vocabulary about the birds and add information about their lifestyle.

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