Festive Walk Sentosa, 24 hours entertainment at RWS

Festive Walk Sentosa
Festive Walk Sentosa

If you are in search of a place that never sleeps, then it’s time to step towards the strip of Festive Walk Sentosa in Singapore. You will find this strip opened twenty-four hours entertaining visitors from all ends of the world. It is located in the hub of adventure and entertainment Resorts World Sentosa. Festive Walk Sentosa is an ideal place to immerse yourself in the world of shopping, entertainment and delectable cuisine.

Highlights of Festive Walk Sentosa

Chihuly Gallery

If glass sculptures designed by Dale Chihuly fascinate you, then it is your chance to get your hands on one of the original glass setworks and other exclusive prints designed exclusively by him. You can experience these by visiting Chihuly Gallery and the retail outlet. Don’t forget to admire the Sentosa Persian Tower and End of Day Chandelier – the exclusive designs of Chihuly.

Michael Graves Gallery

By visiting Michael Graves Gallery, you not only embrace an entertaining observation of interior designs but you can also secure some ideas in mind to renovate your home or office. At Festive Walk Sentosa you will find this Gallery featuring the interior decorations, all exclusively designed by Michael Graves. Apart from the interiors you can also change your entire closet by purchasing some of the chic outfits from the fashion line designed by one and only Michael Graves himself.

Festive Walk Fashion Fun

Festive Walk is also home to some of the famous brands that are recognized worldwide. Damiani – the leading Italian jewelry brand has also opened an outlet here. You can also try some great fragrances at Vie Beaute, or buy cosmetics that suit your skin. Don’t forget to shop at Victoria’s Secret. This retail outlet happens to be the first one in Asia.

Culinary Adventure

You really don’t need to go in neighborhoods for lunch or dinner. Festive walk Sentosa has it all! No matter if you are here in the day or night time, this place will offer you some great cuisine suiting your mood perfectly. With lots of small bistros, cafes and restaurants this strip is a must try if you are a foodie.

Entertainment At Its Peak

When the night falls, this one of the busiest places of Sentosa transforms into a theatre where you can enjoy some public shows free of costs. Famous Crane Dance Sentosa and Lake of Dreams are the ones to watch when you are visiting Festive Walk Sentosa. These shows will take you on an unforgettable entertainment ride.


  1. You can shop till you drop at one place without having the need to go anywhere else in Singapore.
  2. It offers some boutiques that you will not be able to locate anywhere else in Singapore.


  1. This strip tends to get extremely busy during afternoon hours till late night, so make sure you are keeping your kids with you all the time.
  2. Shopping can be a bit expensive here than compared to other places in Singapore.

Festive Walk Sentosa Timings & Address

It is open 24 hours. and located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

Photo Credit: CYS

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