Feed lory bird in the world’s largest Lory Flight Aviary

Colorful lory bird will cheer you up in Jurong Bird Park
Colorful lory bird will cheer you up in the Jurong Bird Park

Lory Bird Feeding Highlights

We all like to feed birds as it is fun especially for the younger kids. How does it sound to feed lory bird in the world’s largest man-made lory flight aviary? Not only that the aviary is 9 story high but it also gives a splendid 360 degree view of the surrounding and the landscape. You can catch all the fun and feed lory bird in Jurong Bird Park.

There are more then 1000 free flying lory birds and lorikeets that you can catch in lory loft aviary.

World's largest lory loft aviary
World’s largest lory loft aviary

Lory Loft Aviary

Jurong Bird Park offers many interesting exhibits to the visitors and lory loft aviary is one of them. The aviary covers approx 3000 square metres (32,000 square feet) of area and it is the world largest flight aviary where visitors can roam freely and feed lory birds and lorikeets. A 125 years old bottle tree at the entrance will welcome you to this exciting exhibit in the Jurong Bird Park.

What is Lory Bird?

For those who don’t know lory bird belongs to the family of parrot. They are small to medium in size and have a sharp brush tipped tongue. You can feed nectar and pollen to lory birds.¬†They are widely available in the Australasian region and Australia.

Best time to feed lory bird?

Early morning or later afternoon is probably the best time to feed lory bird and visit the lory loft aviary. The weather is much cooler by then and you can spend longer time with these lovely lory birds. Make sure to bring lory bird food for feeding. This is certainly a fun activity in the bird park and one not to be missed.

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