Crane Dance Sentosa, A Tale of True Love in RWS

crane dance sentosa
Love is in the air. Crane Dance Sentosa tells a beautiful love story.

At Crane Dance Sentosa in Resort World, a beautiful story of love is told through lights and water effects. If you are a first time visitor in Singapore, then you must not miss this visual treat. You will be awestruck watching two mechanical birds turning into real birds because of the love they share with each other. The story is told beautifully using all the effects that make you stare at the gigantic birds for a long time. After watching Crane Dance Sentosa show, you will be forced to accept the creativity and hard work of those who made this possible.

An Animatronic Spectacle

No matter how old are you, these amazing 90-feet tall cranes will surely entertain you with their magical dance. This animated structure of cranes is a delight to watch especially when it flaps its wings and gallons of water goes up in the air creating beautiful effects. At one point you will fail to distinguish if they are mechanical cranes or real ones. Truly, Love is in the Air.

Eyes Say it all

Digital eyes of cranes tell you each and every emotion of cranes creatively. With their digital eyes, they express their personality and feelings of affection and love for each other. Realistic movements of eyes and body makes one feel as if the life has truly been infused in those mechanical creatures.

Never-Seen-Before Audio and Visual Effects

The gigantic screens fitted on the body of the cranes tell you about the feelings developing inside the cranes for each other. To control their movements, motion control system has been placed. This motion system works so sophisticatedly that you don’t even realize when two screens on the body of the Cranes become one. The background score adds life to everything.

Crane Dance Sentosa

View it from Anywhere on Sentosa

If you don’t want to step in crowd or you want to enjoy this beautiful love story with your partner away from the entire hustle bustle, then you can watch this magical Crane Dance Sentosa show from Merlion and Tiger Sky Tower. Waterfront at Vivo City is also a great option.


  1. You can find number of eateries and dining outlets within less than few kms of the venue of Crane Dance Sentosa.
  2. Once at Resort World Sentosa, you can avail different promotional offers that will add more fun to your trip. You will get more offers in tourism season.

Handy Tips

  1. Showtime of Crane Dance Sentosa can change without prior notice, so make sure you have an alternative plan for that day.
  2. Free entry for all to Crane Dance Sentosa.
  3. If you are into art and dance, then missing out on this magical journey will add to your regrets.
  4. If you really want to enjoy this show, then go with your loved ones and your evening will become more special.

Crane Dance Sentosa Timings & Address

You can watch the birds fly Daily at 9:00 PM except on Tuesdays and Public Holidays.


Cranes flap their wing at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269.

Photo Credit: Choo Yut Shing

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