Colorful Mandarin Duck – The Most Beautiful Duck in the World

Colorful Mandarin Duck as seen in Jurong Bird Park
Colorful Mandarin Duck as seen in Jurong Bird Park

Meet Colorful Mandarin Duck

Nature has its own rules. It chose to make the male birds more attractive and striking than the females. The examples of peacock, male Mandarin Duck and the cock are a fact where their better halves –Peahen, female Mandarin Duck and the Hen – are quite less attractive. The case is not applicable to humans!

Beauty of Fowls

The voice of ducks is very harsh and loud but some of them are so beautiful that they beat many of other colorful birds around. The Mandarin Duck or the perching duck is less than 100 cm long and floats over the surface of pond water. The bird shares the same pond with Koi fish. Not at the Jurong Bird Park alone, the Mandarin is also considered most beautiful among all the ducks of the world.

Changing Colors

Mandarin Duck is like a color box. The male duck has red bill, and white face. It has a purple breast. The bird changes its color during the breeding season and has orange feathers at the back. This multicolor appearance of the duck looks very special in the Jurong Bird Park.

Cultures and Mandarin

The beautiful Mandarin Ducks look great and they also have cultural associations. In South East especially Chinese and Japanese cultures, the Mandarin is considered as a symbol of marital ecstasy and matrimonial reliability. Unlike many other ducks the Mandarin Ducks live together for years.

“Two Mandarin Ducks playing in a water” is a Chinese proverb used for loving couples where Mandarin Duck is being used as a metaphor. As it is a symbol of fidelity so it is also used as a symbol in Chinese weddings. Mandarin Duck is also widely used in the Chinese Art.

In Korean culture, Mandarin Ducks are also referred as wedding ducks and normally used as a wedding gift as well.

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