Camping with Birds in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Camping with birds program offer camping with penguin's experience
Camping with birds program offer camping with penguin’s experience

Camping with Birds Highlights

We have featured an article about camping in Singapore where we talk about 5 best places in Singapore for camping. Camping with birds is a unique outdoor activity which you can avail if you’re in Singapore, as Jurong Bird Park provides camping with birds activity for the visitors.

Visiting a zoo or aviary is effective in knowing about birds, but there is no match of camping with wild birds around. To camp with birds on weekends, you need to register with Jurong Bird Park.

Camping with Penguins

Children can camp at the bird park with their parents or teachers. The park offers two day and one night camping program with penguins where the bird experts will guide them about the behavior of penguins, their lifestyle, how they eat and talk. You are recommended to have Penguin Times since it will be a great source of enhancing your knowledge about this outlandish bird.

Learning Skills during Camping

There are a lot of things to be learnt outside walls of schools and house. Your kids will learn to cross handmade rope bridges, feed Lories, and enhance their knowledge. The kids are also taught about photography of birds by the senior ‘reporters’.

Fun while Camping

The kids will be taught about behavior of birds through dance, songs and bird mascots. The kids will also be provided paints to show their art skills and learn how to paint birds. The kids will learn face painting to look like birds and also to paint their reporting books.

Camping and Water Fun

There are water showers at Jurong Bird Park that the kids enjoy the most during their camping. There are bird mascots around water pools which help the kids overcome their water fear and get into pools.

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