Birds of Prey – Raptors in Singapore Fauna

Jurong Bird Park is home of hawks & eagles as well
Jurong Bird Park is home of hawks & eagles as well

Birds of Prey Highlights

It came as a shock initially that the birds of prey or the raptors can also be at risk. The global climatic change posed danger to the survival of all the living things, even predators. The Jurong Bird Park is home to birds and birds of prey like eagles, hawks and vultures. These predators do not fly freely, of course, and are rather enclosed in their towers to limit their interaction with the visitors.

Beast-like Birds

The birds of prey are not soft-looking like the pigeons and the colorful parrots. They are instead quite dreadful. In your normal life, you would rarely get any chance to see these birds of prey physically, particularly in urban areas. Here in Jurong Bird Park, you will safely encounter the dreadful eagles and vultures with shockingly long and whetted hooks and curved beaks.

Are you watching closely?

For those that cannot differentiate between a falcon, a hawk and an eagle, a visit to the prey birds section of Jurong Bird Park will be quite helpful. After observing the different species of birds of prey, you will be able to tell a hawk from the eagle. You will be astonished to see that within the same species, some birds have wings spanning not more than 20 centimeters while the others, in the same family, can open up their wings as wide as 3 meters.

Who are you visiting?

In the Jurong Bird Park, expect to find local and non-native raptors like Brahminy Kite, White-bellied Sea Eagle, vultures and the American Bald Eagle.

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