Birds Breeding in Singapore – Nourishing the Next generation of Birds

Bird Park Singapore provides birds breeding & native environment to the birds.
Bird Park Singapore provides birds breeding & native environment to the birds.

Birds Breeding Highlights

There are around four hundred species of birds in Singapore ranging from raptors to the ornamental birds. The Bird Park Singapore preserves, breeds and nourishes some bird species that are not found anywhere else in the country.

Bird’s Rights

Against the human primary rights of homes, hospitals and schools, the birds also need shelter and breeding places to ensure a sound future. You might not have seen a bird growing from a hatchling to an adult before. The Jurong Bird Park operates a Birds Breeding & Research Centre where the eggs are hatched and the birdies are nurtured so that they stay healthy during the starting few months of their lives during which the birds are very vulnerable to external environment like temperature and preys. The research center is very peculiar about the temperature and feed of the birds. The kitchens are very carefully maintained in the research center for bridling.

Hatching through ‘Baby-sitting’

The Bird Park Singapore maintains houses, towers and nests for the birds. These nests are regularly checked for the eggs that reach Birds Breeding & Research Centre after which they are hatched at different suitable temperatures. Different animal species take different time from hatching. The eggs may take as few as 10 days of hatching to as much as over 150 days (some species of penguins). Since 1988, Birds Breeding & Research Centre has served the Singapore birds life a lot. You would like to see the keepers at the research center that serve as ‘baby bird-sitters’.

Hand Rearing

Birds Breeding & Research Centre is very careful about nourishment of the birds. The Bird Park Singapore made an arrangement to hand rear chicks. The baby bird-sitters are skilled enough to rear around 150 baby-birds a year. The center is proud to have reared some of the endangered species including the blue throated macaw and the Bali starling. Some of other worth seeing nourished birds include red-tailed black cockatoo and red-fronted macaw.

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