Top 5 Places for IT & Electronics Shopping in Singapore


IT & Electronics Shopping in Singapore

Singapore is synonymous with shopping and electronics, so it’s no wonder that there are many contenders for the top 5 rating among electronics shopping choices in Singapore.  Electronics can be found in every shopping mall, shopping centre and practically every store in Singapore.  However, as anyone who has shopped in Singapore knows, there are some names you simply can’t ignore when it comes to shopping for desktops, laptops, scanners, printers, software, peripherals, cameras, MP3 players and every other sort of electronic, technological tool and toy imaginable.

1. IT Funan Digital Mall

Funan Digital Mall, also known as DigitaLife Mall or The IT Mall is by far the ultimate destination in digital technology outlets.  More upscale than others, this facility found in the Civic District is a techies dream comes true.  Filled with IT and electronics kiosks, shops and electronics mega stores such as Harvey Norman and the Challenger Superstore (which covers the entire 6th floor), you will find experts on every brand, every application, every software imaginable, all ready to inform, educate and assist you with your electronics and gaming needs.

2. Sim Lim Square Shopping Center

Sim Lim Square Shopping Center is probably the first shopping center that comes to mind when looking for deals on electronics.  Down to basics shopping, Sim Lim Square is a collection of hundreds of small shops and a few big department stores.  You can find digital products, MP3 players, PDAs and cameras on 1st & 2nd floors, while the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors carry computer hardware.

Unfortunately, Sim Lim’s reputation has become somewhat tarnished in recent years with pushy sales people at some stores that are not knowledgeable about their product lines.  If you are cautious and know your stuff, you can still get good deals and many stores offer computers assembled while you wait, built to your specifications.  Be sure to bring your bargaining skills.  As long as you know what you want, it can be found, or created, at Sim Lim Square.

3. Mustafa Shopping Center

Mustufa Shopping Center located in Little India, offers CDs, DVDs, watches and electronics.  Be forewarned, however, that not all prices are cheaper than elsewhere.  It is important to do your homework before shopping for high-dollar items, even though brands carried include Casio, Canon, Nikon, Swatch, Phillips and HP.

4. Peninsula Shopping Center

Peninsula Shopping Centre is famous for cameras and you can find an excellent array of electronics at stores such as Compuchart Services, Johnson Communications & Electronics and Payslip Specialist, among others. The shopping center is within the walking distance from City Hall MRT station.

5. IT & Electronics Mega stores

Singapore offers several electronics mega stores for your shopping success, as well.  Challenger is a household name among IT enthusiasts, gamers and electronics shoppers by providing an immense inventory, reasonable prices and a knowledgeable, helpful staff.  Harvey Norman stores are found all over Singapore and you will never be disappointed with their fair pricing, quality products and knowledgeable staff.  They offer membership and give discounted prices and rewards programs for their members.

Courts may not have the inventory carried by the electronics mega stores like Harvey Norman or Challenger but, what they lack in inventory, they more than make up for with inexpensive pricing.  You do need to check the quality of the products you find at Courts, however.

Clearly, for the IT professional, avid gamer or budget shopper, Singapore is the place to go for your electronics shopping.

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