Singapore Souvenirs – Top 10 Souvenirs & Gifts to Buy in SG

2. Cutlery Collection

Cutlery Collection Souvenirs
Cutlery Collection Souvenirs

Next on the list are utensils and cutlery. They are unique to the region as Chinese cutlery collection is famous in the world and useful to the folks back home. Artistic, colorful and well-made; kitchen utensils are as specific to the region as the food. Knives, cups, serving bowls, stir fry pans, and tea sets are all popular gifts & souvenirs from Singapore.

Where to buy Cutlery Collection in Singapore

Visit Hwa Aik General Store, Sia Huat and Temple Street to buy the best cutlery in Singapore. For fancy and unique culturally collection, you can also visit Chinatown in Singapore.

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