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Singapore SouvenirsWhenever you return from a trip abroad, you are bound to offer something to your friends and family, especially the kids. Singapore souvenirs & gifts are not only a part of traditional travelling. Being such a conglomeration of nationalities, one might get stuck to find anything that is purely Singaporean. However, it doesn’t take much of an effort to bring back gifts and souvenirs from Singapore that will delight the recipients.

Singapore Souvenirs & Gifts to Buy

Singapore souvenirs & gifts are famous all over the world. Whether you want to buy a gift or souvenir in Singapore for yourself, family member or friend, there are countless choices. Being a shopping hub of Asia, Singapore feature almost all the world labels and brands in various shopping malls. There are some souvenirs & gifts which are unique to Singapore like RISIS Orchid, Peranakan gifts & others.

We have listed some of the best Singapore souvenirs & gifts, easily available in Singapore. These souvenir ideas will save you time & efforts as we have also listed down the places below where you can buy these gift items & souvenirs in Singapore. These items should be in your things to buy in Singapore list as these are not only unique but specific to Singapore as well. You can also visit various Ethnic quarters in Singapore for more unique gifts & souvenirs ideas in Singapore such as Chinatown, Little India & Kampong Glam.

Here is our top 10 recommended lists of Singapore souvenirs & gifts:

1. Singapore Food Souvenirs

Singapore Food Souvenirs
Food Souvenirs

One of the most memorable aspects of Singapore tour is the food. Different ingredients, exotic spices, and mouth-watering combinations make food something truly to celebrate and remember in Singapore. You can also put together gift baskets of traditional sauces, mustard, biscuits, spices, dry fruit and teas. Singapore food souvenirs are must buy on your trip, as it is a fusion of Chinese, Malay and Indian.

Where to buy Food Souvenirs in Singapore

You can purchase those exotic spices & food souvenirs in Singapore on Geylang Serai and Serangoon Roads, as well as in any grocery store or mega-market.  These spices will bring part of your experience home with you. Another place to look for food souvenirs in Singapore is the ethnic quarter which are mainly Little India & Chinatown.

If you want to explore local food in Singapore, you can always rely on HungryGoWhere. You can explore local eateries and book a table online as well. Click here for more information.

2. Cutlery Collection

Cutlery Collection Souvenirs
Cutlery Collection Souvenirs

Next on the list are utensils and cutlery. They are unique to the region as Chinese cutlery collection is famous in the world and useful to the folks back home. Artistic, colorful and well-made; kitchen utensils are as specific to the region as the food.  Knives, cups, serving bowls, stir fry pans, and tea sets are all popular gifts & souvenirs from Singapore.

Where to buy Cutlery Collection in Singapore

Visit Hwa Aik General Store, Sia Huat and Temple Street to buy the best cutlery in Singapore. For fancy and unique culturally collection, you can also visit Chinatown in Singapore.

3. Eastern Medicine

Eastern Medicines & Chinese Tea Products
Eastern Medicines & Chinese Tea Products

An unforgettable Singapore souvenirs & gift is the Eastern medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicines. There are countless apothecary shops able to create useful mixes of herbs and spices and other ingredients to promote wellness, prevent disease and to cultivate serenity.  Packed in beautiful jars or paper packets tied with string, the foreignness of the medicines alone, especially to Western natives, will make it a delightful and much appreciated gift, not to mention useful and beneficial.

Where to buy Eastern Medicine in Singapore

Jai Tai Tong Medicine Shop, ZTP Ginseng Birdnest on Orchard Road, Sin Chong Meheco on Upper Cross Street and Chop on Sen Foh are some of the prominent names for buying tradition Eastern, specially Chinese medicines.

4. The Risis Orchid

Risis Orchid Souvenirs
Risis Orchid Souvenirs

Singapore’s national flower, the Risis Orchid, is often dipped in 22k gold and made into jewelry of all kinds: earrings, necklaces, brooches, collar pins, cufflinks and a variety of clasps.  It is also used to decorate countless household items and can also be used as a corporate gift in Singapore. This flower is stunningly beautiful and would be appreciated as a souvenir from Singapore by nearly anyone.

Where to buy Risis Orchid in Singapore

The branches of RISIS company are spread across the Singapore. You can visit any of their stores and buy fascinating Risis Orchid designs. You can also buy RISIS Orchid gifts from the souvenir shops at Singapore International Airport.

5. Peranakan Gifts

Peranakan Gifts & Souvenirs
Peranakan Gifts & Souvenirs

Peranakan gifts are a fusion of Chinese, Malaysian and European art forms combined to decorate a wide range of items, including brooches, card holders, plates and cups and tea sets. They are also masters of the beaded slippers called Kasut Manek. These handmade slippers are painstakingly covered with tiny, faceted glass beads. The Peranakan gifts & souvenirs are also famous for their colorful batik sarongs and porcelain. If you want to buy a unique Singapore souvenirs then this could be one of your choice.

Where to buy Peranakan Gifts in Singapore

Suntec City mall and the National Orchid Garden contain a variety of Peranakan souvenirs & gifts. To learn more about Peranakan culture, you can visit Peranakan museum in Singapore.

6. Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling
Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is the motif found on thousands of gifts and souvenirs from Singapore, celebrating the cocktail invented by Ngiam Tong Boon in the early 1900’s at the Raffles Hotel. Singapore Sling decorates clothing, cups, posters, key chains and countless other trinkets that make handy, inexpensive souvenirs for that person, or persons, you forgot to buy for.

Where to buy Singapore Sling in Singapore

You can visit any prominent Singaporean market and seek out products containing Singapore Sling. Prominent names include Flea Fly Flo Fun at Home Club, MAAD Market and China Square Central. You can also order Singapore sling at any bar or pub.

7. Artworks and Historical Pieces

Puppet Show Stage
Puppet Show Stage

There are four museum stores in downtown Singapore that can provide you with beautiful gifts and authentic souvenirs, including sarongs, posters of modern and ancient Singapore, hanging artworks, vases and other pottery and exquisitely handcrafted souvenirs that everyone would be glad to receive.

Where to buy Artwork & Historical Pieces in Singapore

Singapore Art Museum, The Museum Shop, Red dot Design Museum and National Museum of Singapore are ideal places to buy historic and art pieces for the loved ones. You can also visit Dempsey Hill where you will find a lot of shops selling antique items. For more information, you can visit best museums in Singapore.

8. Chinese Props and Costumes

Chinese Costume
Chinese Costume

Chinese props and costumes from the Chinese Opera are ideally considered as a must-buy Singapore souvenirs & gifts. You can buy costumes, hats, bamboo flutes, sheet music, Chinese fiddles and playbills. These gifts make striking decorations and would be greatly appreciated by any music enthusiasts on your gift list.

Where to buy Chinese Props & Costumes in Singapore

Visit Eng Tiang Huat, on River Valley Road for excellent quality Chinese products. A recommended place to look for Chinse props and costumes is Chinatown. Here is our shopping tips for shopping in Chinatown Singapore.

9. Handcraft Items

Handcrafted Souvenirs & Gifts
Handcrafted Souvenirs & Gifts

Local handcrafted and natural items always make lovely gifts. Pewter, bamboo, crystal ware, porcelain, paper umbrellas and kites, calligraphy and beaded slippers are all welcome gifts and souvenirs.

Where to buy Handcraft Items in Singapore

Oriental Handicraft, Asia Handicraft Store, Good Friends Pottery Arts and Mei Handicraft must be visited if you want really traditional and good quality Singaporean handicrafts.

10. Clothing Items

Variety of clothing items can be purchased in Singapore
Variety of clothing items can be purchased in Singapore

T-shirts are standard souvenir fare, but Singapore can easily lay claim to one of the world’s largest T-shirt collections, boasting icons of anime, dragons, traditional emblems and, of course, designer labels. Other clothing souvenir gifts include batik sarongs, kimonos, scarves, sandals, slippers and hats.

There are countless boutique and shop houses in Singapore selling traditional dresses. When it comes to designer labels then Singapore is the right place to be as it is home of world best designer labels.

Where to buy Clothing Items in Singapore

There are countless international clothing brands outlet in Singapore including Abercrombie & Fitch & H&M flagship stores. The best place to explore local designer shirts and traditional dresses are Orchard Road, Haji Lane, Bugis, Kampong Glam, Little India and Chinatown. Some of the top international clothing brands for men & women in Singapore includes TopMan, Armani Exchange, Anne Fontaine, Bally, Balenciaga, Banana Republic, BOSS, Blum & Co, Bimba & Lola, Burberry, CH Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Maje Paris, Moschiana Italian, Sandro Paris, Shanghai Tang, Ted Baker, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Zara, Boggi Milano Brioni, Uniqlo Japan & plenty more. It is quite right to say that you will almost find presence of every leading clothing brand in Singapore.

No trip to Singapore would be complete without a suitcase full of gifts and souvenirs for everyone back home. Truly exotic and foreign, gifts & souvenirs from Singapore will capture their imagination and surely delight them with the color and beauty of this stunning island nation.

If you’re interested in souvenirs from other countries, here are some of the recommendations:

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