Top 10 Must-Buys in Singapore & Shopping Tips

universal studios store Singapore
Universal Studios store in Singapore is a great place to buy gifts.

No matter how many times you visit Singapore; there are some things you simply cannot help to buy for yourself or your loved ones. The shopping experience in Singapore is paralleled only by the Champs Elysees of Paris, France and 5th Avenue, in Manhattan. To be very honest, your trip to Singapore is incomplete if you don’t shop from incomparable Singaporean markets. In a state with so much to offer, there are a few items you must have in your bags while going back home.

Must-Buys Shopping Ideas in Singapore

Singapore is no doubt a shopping capital of Asia and shopping being one of the reason that many tourists visit Singapore. There are many famous shopping malls in Singapore that feature known brands and labels. Below is our recommended list of top 10 must-buys in Singapore which should be in your list of things to buy in Singapore.

1. Asian Antiques and Artifacts

Asian antiques and artifacts will probably be first on your list on your visit to any country in Asia. Fortunately, they are in abundance in Singapore. With imports coming in from all around the globe and having a rich and ancient history of its own, Singapore offers treasures at every turn. Your best finds will be available at Tanglin Shopping Centre, Chinatown and Holland Village.

2. Electronics Items

Sim Lim Square Shopping Center

Electronics items are always the first suggestion whenever you ask someone for must-buys in Singapore. Some tourists even buy large LCD TVs and desktop computers from Singapore. Peninsula Plaza is always ideal to buy electronics. However; there isn’t a store in Singapore that doesn’t offer analog and digital cameras, photography accessories and photo processing services. Other recommended places to buy electronics, especially cameras, are Sim Lim Square and Funan DigitaLife Mall having infamous stores like Challenger, Harvey Norman, Challenger and Courts. All technology gadgets, gamer equipment and audio-visual peripheral equipment in demand are spread everywhere in Singapore.

If you want to buy digital camera and accessories then we do have a guide here.

3. Gold Plated Orchids

Gold Plated Orchid

Orchid is a Singapore national flower and Gold plated orchids are real orchids plated in real 24 karat gold. These orchids symbolize Singapore’s richness in terms of economy and nature. Orchid is the national flower of Singapore and gold-plated orchids is considered as a souvenir from people of Singapore. These flowers can be bought from Risis stores.

4. Chinese Drugs and Herbal Medicines

Chinese drugs and herbal medicines

Chinese herbal medicines are widely available in Chinese clinics of Singapore. You will find hundreds of Chinese health shops in Singapore. These drugs are prepared with specific solutions used in China for health care and treatment of wounds and offer astounding healing capabilities. The once place to checkout for Chinese drugs & herbal medicines will surely be Chinatown.

5. Handbags and Luggage

Handbags and Luggage

Handbags are luggage are another popular purchase in Singapore. Designer labels, hand-stitched and everything in between are available. It is very likely that, by the time you are ready to leave Singapore, you will need another bag or another piece of luggage to carry your newly purchased bags.

Handbags are widely available in all the shopping malls in Singapore. You will find all the tops brands on the orchard road. ION orchard mall, Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall, Paragon Shopping Mall, Somerset 313, Vivocity Shopping Mall, Suctec City Shopping Mall are some of places to look for handbags.

If you’re looking to buy cheap luggage then Lucky Place on orchard road is your best bet.

6. Watches and Jewellery


Watches and jewellery must be part of Singapore’s Top 10 with more choices than anyone could make in five lifetimes. Masterfully handcrafted timepieces, world famous watch manufacturers and affordable standard watches can be found in every shopping district of Singapore.

Many visitors find that Singapore’s national inventory of jewelry is simply mind-boggling. Inexpensive bangles to million-dollar crown jewels are all available for a price. You could practically say that the streets of Singapore are lined with gold, as every shop has jewelry and watches for sale.

7. Decoration Items and Curios

Decoration Items

Decoration items and curios such as statues, wall decorations, Singapore Sling premix and chocolates are always popular. Paper kites and parasols, calligraphy, wooden boxes, posters and other artworks can fill your luggage faster than you realize once you start shopping in Singapore.

8. Food in Singapore

bak kwa

Food in Singapore is always incomparable with all other global fervor’s. Singaporean foods are packed in specific health-friendly solutions so that you may take them back home for your loved ones. Spices, biscuits, sauces, and even the cooking utensils and serving dishes are all must-buys when visiting Singapore. Bak-kwa or BBQ sliced pork is especially sold in Singapore’s chain stores only.

To enjoy the local food in Singapore, you can always trust on HungryGoWhere. Now, you can explore restaurants and reserve your table online as well. Click here to explore local food.

9. Singapore Specific Garments

royal sporting house

Singapore specific garments, especially T-shirts and sporting goods, are readily available at very affordable rate. Singapore Specific garments are produced by local manufacturers so they are never expensive at all. These garments are theme-specific including ‘Little Facts about Singapore’ and ‘Singapore Famous Things’ etc. Sporting goods can be bought from Royal Sporting House.

10. Perfumes

jamal kazura

Perfumes apart from globally renowned brands, are produced by local Singaporean manufacturers as well. These perfumes are nothing less than international scents, however; they are extremely low in price and very adorable in smell. Jamal Kazura Aromatics produces big bottles of perfumes. These are sold after testing at a rate of $6 only.

Outlet Mall

For more must-buys and shopping ideas, you can head to the Singapore’s biggest outlet shopping center, IMM Outlet Mall is the home of more than 80 international brand outlet stores with monstrous discounts of up to 80 for every penny lasting through the year. The IMM Outlet Mall is a worthy place to make your branded shopping perfect at substantially reduced prices. IMM is located nearby Jurong East MRT station in Jurong East.

If you are Universal Studios fan then the good news is that Universal Studios store now opens in Singapore. Singapore carries a lot of global brands which are available in all the top shopping malls. The waiver of GST also give luxury to the tourist to shop more. Here is our comprehensive guide about how to waive your GST on shopping when exiting from Singapore.

Gold Platted Orchid
Electronic Items
Chinese Drugs & Herbal Medicine
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