The Great Singapore Sale

Shopaholics take note!  Each year, the island nation of Singapore celebrates its favorite national pastime with an eight week long national sale.  This year’s event will run from May 29th through July 26th and will touch every merchandizing venue possible.  Stores stay open until midnight or even later, the sale prices are substantially lower than regular prices and the cultural and shopping events make this an experience of a lifetime.

Heavily populated with shopping malls, shopping centres and one of the largest shopping districts in the world, Singapore is well-suited to hosting this consumer carnival.  Vouchers are made available at the official website ( as well as by specific stores and shopping centres.

Boutiques, designer labels, traditional arts and crafts, antiques, books, electronics, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes are all up for grabs in this feeding frenzy of commercialism.  Organized jointly by the Department of Tourism and the Singapore Retailers Association, every effort is made to make tourists from around the globe feel welcome.  Hotel rooms are booked months in advance.  Australians are the number one shopping guest, followed by travelers from Indonesia and Malaysia.  Surprisingly, the next category of early hotel reservations comes from the people of Singapore themselves.  It really is a bit of a national holiday.  After the people of Singapore, shoppers fly in from India, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States of America, Thailand and Germany, in that order.

Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the special “Tourist Privilege Card” which can be acquired at any SingaporeVisitorCenter.  The Tourist Privilege Card grants tourists special discounts and shopping opportunities for items that include cosmetics, fragrances, watches, jewellery, clothing, fashion accessories, electronics, toys and souvenirs, in addition to wellness experiences, entertainment, gourmet dining and nightlife adventures..  The Card also grants discounts for activities offered by Singapore DUCK tours, DHL Balloon and the Singapore Zoo.  Foreign visitors must present their passport to receive the discounts.

Coinciding with the Great Singapore Sale is the Singapore Food Festival, offered each July.  Really, if you only go to Singapore once in your life, this would have to be the time to go.  Delicious traditional delectables such as Hainanese Chicken Rice and the infamous Chili Crab are just small nibbles of the epicurean delights tourists and locals alike can sample during this festive period.

One of the all-time favorite activities of the Great Singapore Sale is the Great Singapore Shopping Challenge.  This is a shopping event in which teams of two are given shopping lists and a budget.  The team who finds the best bargains within the time limit wins cash prizes and get to keep their purchases!

This summer long shoppers dream come true is made even more entertaining with numerous raffles, competitions and live entertainment.  You will need to take cover in any of the air-conditioned malls and shopping centres if you are not accustomed to the hot, wet weather Singapore experiences this time of year, but you are sure to find plenty of refreshing beverages, spas, beauty treatments, massage services and even a cocktail or two, to help you get acclimated.

So, pack your bags, reserve that hotel and flight NOW and join in the fun at the Great Singapore Sale!

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