Sim Lim Square Shopping Centre @ Bugis

Close to Little India and Bugis, Sim Lim Square Shopping Centre offers everything new and exciting in the world of electronics. Computers and their myriad parts can always be found in abundance: monitors, memory chips, thumb drives, circuit board components, cables, switches and testing equipment fill carts, small shops and the larger department stores, like ESP Systems Electronics, F1 Digital, Edison Electronics and ELCO.

The alleys and back streets are equally rich in their offerings of the technologically obscure and the latest and greatest in audio-video equipment. Gamers and computer Do-It-Yourself types will love this shopping experience.  There isn’t anything related to technology that you can’t find here. Peripherals of every kind can be discovered and bargained for in this world-class IT centre.

Toys, tools and trade name favorites fill the shops and sidewalks of Sim Lim Square. There are dozens of telecom and Internet service companies to browse and compare, including The Com Shop, S.T.S. Communications, New Communications and Max Mobile. Professional grade audio-video equipment can be found within everyone’s budget at dozens upon dozens of shops.

Many stores offer computers assembled while you wait, built to your specifications. There are shops that specialize in a specific brand, such as Sony, JVC and Canon. Employees are very knowledgeable and helpful for all your IT needs. As long as you know what you want, it can be found, or created, at Sim Lim Square.

Top grade sound systems are also available, along with more speakers and accessories than anyone could have time to compare. Luckily, the employees are up to speed and can help you understand what will work with what and how to avoid technological disasters.

Electronics aren’t the only thing to be found at Sim Lim Square. If you need a little fun, try Espeser. In addition to electronics, Sim Lim Square offers travel and freight services with Big S’ Holiday and Seamax Travel. SLS Trading Stationary & Office Supplies can meet your office supply needs and you can find beautiful luggage at Hong Lim Luggage Centre.  Several import-export services are also available.

Food is in abundance at Sim Lim Square, as well. For something quick, try the Square 43 Snack Bar or, if you refer sitting down, place your order at Fang Xing Eating House. The Food Court has a wide variety of dishes to choose from. You can find health and fitness products at Owell Bodycare and Osim International.

Have a snack, wander for hours, visit the duty free shops and leave Sim Lim Square with some of the world’s best electronics under your arm.

Sim Lim Square Shopping Centre
1 Rocher Canal Road
Singapore 188504
Tel. (+65) 6338 0180

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