Orchard Towers Shopping Center @ Orchard Road

Orchard Towers Shopping Center Highlights

If you are planning on shopping at Orchard Towers, be sure to arrive early in the day.  After dark, Orchard Towers, also known as “Four Floors of Whores,” changes from a shopping center to a red light district.  This 20-story office building dedicates five floors to retail stores, bars and restaurants.

Like most of the retail outlets on Orchard Road, Orchard Towers offers a wide selection of quality products.  You can find silk, leather, antiques, jewelry, electronics, wine and groceries all within Orchard Towers.

For your gourmet food and wine shopping, Jason’s has everything you could ask for.  Fair Price is another grocery store found in Orchard Towers.  You will have easy access to ATM machines in Orchard Towers.  Many standard services are available, including tailoring, locksmith, employment, dental, remittance, reflexology, laundry and photo processing.

For fashions and fashion accessories, Anco Boutique is a good place to start, and La Vie shouldn’t be missed.  You can discover some beautiful jewelry at Glister Jewelry Trading and find sexy undergarments at Guys N Dolls Lingerie.  Health and beauty services can all be found at places like Beauty Face Salon, Beaupoint Beauty Salon and Beautimage Salon.  Country Jamboree just sounds like fun.  You can fill your electronics needs at Datasource Electronics and Dollars & Sense Electronics Wholesalers & Importer.

For your dining pleasure, you can try an American favorite at Denny’s Singapore, or dine comfortably in Hoshigaoka Singapore, Korat Thai Café or Lang Café.  There are many clubs, pubs and bars to be explored in Orchard Towers, especially after dark.  Ipanema is probably the most popular bar in Orchard Towers.  For the sports enthusiast, Ipanema offers large plasma screens and they have a live Filipino band and pole dancing for your entertainment.  Other night spots include Harry’s Bar, Top 5, Hunter’s Pub, Crazyhorse Disco Pub and Naughty Girl.

Orchard Towers Shopping Center
400 Orchard Road
Singapore 238875

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