Where to Buy Christmas Tree in Singapore

Where to by Christmas Tree in Singapore
Christmas Tree outside Robinson Store

A Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas decorations and where to buy Christmas tree in Singapore can be a quest for someone as it is not as easy as buying a shampoo from the market. You have to be sure of the height and width of the Christmas tree which can fit in your house. You also have to make a choice between real and artificial Christmas tree. You then have to decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments, gift bags and goodies in order to give a unique look to your own Christmas tree.

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You can also gift a Christmas tree to your colleague, friend, relative or even bring at home as a gift for your family and kids.

Where to buy Christmas tree in Singapore

The below handy guide will walk you through the process of buying a Christmas tree in Singapore.

Do your homework

So, before you start your quest to buy a Christmas tree in Singapore, do your homework. Do not just guess that it will fit in your house as it is quite a hassle to carry the Christmas tree back and forth. Decide where you want to place the Christmas tree in your home and take the measurement tape to find out exact width and height that it will occupy.

Real VS Artificial Christmas Tree

Once you know the exact or estimated width and height of the Christmas tree, then the next thing you need to decide as of which type of Christmas tree you will bring home this Christmas. A real Christmas tree or an artificial one.

The life of artificial Christmas tree might be long as compare to the live or real Christmas tree but it is very common for people to buy an artificial Christmas tree. The main challenge of buying a real Christmas tree is that; you have to take care of it by feeding water every day and keeping it away from the sunlight as it will dry the Christmas tree in no time. You also have to recycle live Christmas tree once the occasion is finished.

Turn off the lighting of the Christmas tree at night to avoid any short circuit, especially if it is a real Christmas tree.

Places to shop for an artificial Christmas tree

Singapore is well-known for shopping and there are plenty of department stores and hypermarkets offering artificial Christmas tree in Singapore. You can walk-in to any of the stores to buy an artificial Christmas tree for your home.

Some of the recommended outlets offering artificial Christmas tree include Tangs departmental store, Robinsons, Novena Square Mall and Cold Storage. Tangs & Robinsons have branches on orchard road and cold storage have many branches in Singapore as well.

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Places to shop for a live Christmas tree

Another well-known aspect of Singapore is its love for nature and greenery and “green Singapore” has been a slogan and mission of Singapore. Aside for parks & gardens, there are plenty of nurseries & farms all over Singapore as well. These places should be your primary source to look for & buy a live Christmas tree in Singapore.

You can check out Thomson Nurseries, Far East Flora, Vanda Win, Corona Florist & Nursery, World Farm, Bedok Garden & Landscaping & Prince’s Landscape & Construction. The Christmas tree can be as cheap as 100 dollar and as expensive as 10,000 dollar or even more (depend on the height of the Christmas tree). Most of the places also offer Christmas tree decoration as it goes along with the tree.

IKEA, the famous store in Singapore also offering live Christmas tree. The height of the tree is 1.6 meters & 2.0 meters respectively. The latter is sold out as of now, but you can call or inquire them if they will have stock available soon. The Christmas tree price is under 100 bucks and they also offer a same day delivery service of a Christmas tree for 25 bucks.

A real offer by IKEA is that you can recycle Christmas tree purchased from them during 26 December to 14 January and they will refund 50% of the purchase value with the IKEA gift card which can be utilized in store.

Where to buy Christmas decorations in Singapore

A Christmas tree without decoration is as bad as not buying a tree itself. Since, decorations are essential part of a Christmas tree so you will most likely find handful collection of the decoration items from the shops selling Christmas trees. The decorative items can include lighting, bulbs, ornaments & various other collections suitable for the tree. You can also decorate your Christmas tree with gift wrappers, small cute bags and other items at home.

If you did not buy a Christmas tree and just want to buy Christmas decorations for your home, then the best places to check out are department stores & shopping malls scattered all over Singapore. You should check out the Tangs department store, Marks & Spencer, Robinson & IKEA as they sell handful collection of Christmas decoration items.

It will be a bad idea to wait for the Christmas tree sale in Singapore as the prices of Christmas trees are already reasonable considering that you can buy 1.6 meters tree from IKEA for S$49.

We hope that we have made your quest of where to buy Christmas tree in Singapore rather easy. If you want to share more places then please do so by adding comments below.

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