Christmas Gift Ideas Singapore – 5 Gifts to Buy this Xmas

Christmas Gift Ideas SingaporeChristmas is round the corner and one of the many things people do at Christmas is to buy present and gifts for their loved ones. With the place like Singapore which is known for plethora of shopping malls, and a lot of options to choose from, it might not be an easy task to choose a perfect Christmas gift. If you are one of those people who spend time choosing a gift, it might be a nightmare.

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The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas – W. C. Jones

5 Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore

Christmas gift ideas Singapore article will help you choose a perfect Christmas gift that you can present to someone with a smile, knowing that it will please the recipient. Here is the Christmas gift ideas list:

1. Christmas Log Cake

Christmas Log Cake SingaporeOne type of cake famous for Christmas is definitely a Christmas log cake and for the same reason it is on the menu of all the bakery and cafes in Singapore. While there are plenty of options to choose from, we have selected few best and unique Christmas log cake, which can you present to someone as a gift.

Cedele offers flourless chocolate log cake, green tea sesame tahini log cake and Yuzu Pistachio log cake. The price is around 58 SGD – 65 SGD and you can order online from their website.

Fete de Noel – Another unique Christmas log cake from Rive Gauche. A light chocolate sponge with chocolate mousse. You have to visit one of their outlets to buy this cake.

Price Range: SGD $30 – SGD70

2. Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies SingaporeAnother Christmas gift idea – A set of assorted Christmas cookies & gingerbread cookies. Kids and adults love cookies and gingerbread cookies go along with the theme of Christmas. You can order Christmas cookies online as well from Cedele as they offer assorted Christmas cookies in a lovely tin packing.

Another place to buy gingerbread Christmas cookies is from Rive Gauche. You can also buy cookies from the various “Famous Amos” outlets in the city. They are having a Christmas promotion as well and you will get free 50gm cookies with the purchase of 300gm of cookies and free 130gm cookies with the purchase of 600gm of cookies. The offer is valid until 4th of Jan, 2015.

Want to gift someone a “Cookie Christmas Tree”? The famous chef Pang Kok Keong at Antoinette has designed many Christmas treats including the Cookie Christmas Tree. View the full Christmas collection of Antoinette here.

Price Range: SGD $10 – SGD50

3. Christmas Gift Hampers

christmas hampers singaporeAnother Christmas gift idea is to present someone with a Christmas gift hamper – A collection of various items in a gift basket or a nice packaging. There are many shops and departmental stores in Singapore offering gift hampers for Christmas.

Marks & Spencer offer various gift hampers for Christmas from 60 SGD to 400 SGD. Their Christmas gift hampers include cookies, chocolates, wine & various other items. You can walk-in to one of their stores in Singapore to buy the gift hamper for Christmas or you can order online here.

Angel Florist also offers Christmas gift hampers and their packaging for gift hampers is top of the line. They offer non-alcoholic gift hampers and the range of gift hampers for Christmas is from SGD 60 to SGD 650. You can order online one of the Christmas gift hamper here.

There are many others departmental stores offering Christmas gift hampers including: Tangs departmental store, Robinson, OG, Takashimaya, Isetan & others. You can walk-in to one of the store to explore various gift hampers offering for Christmas.

Price Range: SGD $50 – SGD1000

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4. Chocolates

Christmas Chocolate TreeChocolates are for every occasion and festive and Chocolate is also on our list of Christmas gift ideas. There are plenty of places to buy sweet & yummy chocolates in Singapore as there are plenty of international renowned chocolate brands operating in Singapore.

This chocolate Christmas tree on your right by the name “Chocolate Gianduja Ball Christmas Tree” is from Antoinette. They also offer chocolates for Christmas in a very nice packaging. If you want to gift someone a unique gift on Christmas then consider buying one of these treats as a present from Antoinette.

You can buy chocolates that melt in your mouth from Royce, a Japanese chocolate brand with multiple outlets in Singapore. Their signature “Nama Chocolate” is the best seller and they have plenty of other options as well. You can download their electronic catalogue here.

Another place to buy chocolates for Christmas is “Laurent Bernard”, the famous French artisan chocolatier in Singapore. Their Christmas special treat includes Santa, Rocher xmas tree, Praline xmas tree and teddy bear tree. You can also choose one of their best seller, including chocolate tart & pure chocolate cake. They also offer various gift hampers for Christmas in Singapore. Our cover photo for chocolate is from Laurent Bernard & you can download their Christmas brochure here.

Price Range: SGD $20 – SGD300

5. Christmas Tree

Christmas tree in front of Tiffany Shop in Takashimaya Mall
Christmas tree in front of Tiffany Shop in Takashimaya Mall

The Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas decoration and you can gift someone a artificial Christmas tree or a live Christmas tree. Your kids and wife will love you as well if you will bring a Christmas tree home. You can realize the importance of the Christmas tree by the fact that many of the shops in Singapore offering Christmas trees made of cookies & chocolates. There are plenty of options available when it comes to the Christmas tree in Singapore, both artificial and live Christmas trees.

IKEA Singapore is offering live Christmas trees and while they are running out of stock, you should visit one of the IKEA outlets to buy a live Christmas tree as it will be an ideal gift to give to someone or buy it for yourself.

There are various other florists, farm and nurseries in Singapore offering live Christmas tree. The list includes Thomson Nurseries, Far East Flora, Corona Florist & Nursery, World Farm, Bedok Garden & Landscaping & Prince’s Landscape & Construction.

The artificial Christmas tree in Singapore can be bought from one of the departmental stores, including Tangs, Robinsons & Cold Storage.

Price Range: SGD $50 – SGD5000

Hand Made Christmas GiftThere are plenty of other unique Christmas gift ideas as well, including hand made Christmas gifts. Yoke Bakery is offering a Christmas bundle worth SGD 18 that includes one piece each of candy cane, Santa (not the real one), xmas tree, snowman & stocking. You can order this hand made Christmas gift here. They also have a handy do it yourself guide to make mini xmas gift parcels.

You can also walk-in to this cake boutique in The Fullerton Hotel as they have plenty of Christmas gift items to choose from.

Cake Boutique at The Fullerton Hotel
Cake Boutique at The Fullerton Hotel

We hope you find this Christmas gift ideas list useful. If you want to suggest an item then please do so by adding comments below.

Have a happy Christmas!

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