Best 5 Rent A Car for Budget Car Rental in Singapore

budget car rental singapore

As the Island of Singapore is full of people from around the globe, it has become imperative to have a setup which includes affordable transportation for them, especially the private transport as some of them would not prefer MRTs and public transport for a reason or another. Therefore, several car rental companies in Singapore cater to the needs of the ever increasing population in the city.

Most of you wouldn’t mind renting a car from these recommended car rental companies in Singapore, some of you would like to know the companies offering budget car rental in Singapore. If you fancy a wedding in Singapore, then we have also covered, how to rent a car for your wedding in Singapore.

Budget Car Rental in Singapore

Due to the fact; there is a variety in Singapore thus the vehicles and the price range should also be different offering a range of budgeted cars for the people. Down below, there is a list of top 5 budgeted car rental companies present in Singapore for you to choose.

1. My Car Rental Pte Ltd

My Car Rental or also known as pay less car rental leasing formally, operates a fleet of more than 1000 cars at the moment. Apart from offering budget cars to the customers in Singapore, they also have expertise in leasing the cars at an affordable rates starting from $1000 to $2000 per month. They have a huge focus on customer satisfaction and claim to be providing quality service to each and every client.

They offer the cheapest and flexible package for renting the car with the option of exchange anytime. The rental rates are also diversified depending on the cars, models and the duration for which the car is needed. The car rent ranges from $75 per day for a Hyundai to $300 for Luxury MPV. They also offer Chauffeur services for a 14 seater bus to MPV carrier.

They have an office at Katong Plaza and collection office in the Roxy square Shopping Centre. Apart from that booking can be made anytime 24/7 via their helpline or email.

Address: 50 East Coast Road #02-68. Roxy Square Shopping Centre, Singapore, 428 769
Phone: +(65) 6348 0500

2. Drive.SG

If you rent a car frequently in Singapore then this company would be one of the best choices. This is because they offer a loyalty program and certain rewards to their clients for availing their services. Their daily vehicle rental rates, depending on duration and model or make of the car, are as low as $50 per day for a Hyundai & $2000 per day for the latest model of Audi. The main thing which a client sees in the company is its reliability and fortunately the Drive Sg have affiliations ad partnerships with various brands in rental  industry such as Neo Rental, Ace Drive and Euro car to name a few.

They have an extensive range of different purposes such as for weddings, new drivers and for the long drive. They have made their web presence very interactive as almost all their customers recommend cards to the new customers to go for, which makes the life easier for the client.

People prefer them because they give instant confirmation, best price and the peace of mind for their customers.

Address: 73 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408733
Phone:+65 6655 7701

 3. Brightstar Leasing Car Rental

Like its name suggests this company offers a hassle free car rental service at a very affordable rate in comparison to others. The unique service that they offer is the rental insurance coverage for West Malaysia. They have a fleet of vehicles that is available for lease ranging from Lexus, Honda and Kia which can hire from as low as $70 per day to $1000 per week for luxury cars.

They have the practice of offering weekly and weekday promotions to grab as many clients to increase their market share. They offer $220 per week for a car to $230 for the weekend, which is quite affordable and cheap. Maintenance issues are also dealt with the company such as recovery of the battery and tires along with brakes and discs.

Enquiries can be placed via phone or their showroom can be visited at industrial Park.

Address: 263 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 415982
Phone: +65 9037 5387

 4. Ace drive

This company needs no introduction to the services they offer to their clients. They have already got the award for one of the Singapore’s best car rental company. Their rental fleet has an extensive range of cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus and Ferrari along with some of the affordable range of Japanese cars.

Although they have such a good range of cars they are also the cheapest. They have an expertise in offering cars for the occasions such as wedding, corporate events and Expat car services. The good thing is that all the cars are owned by the company itself along with the fact that they also handle maintenance and insurance costs.

They have the partnerships with Hot Fm91, Hilton Hotels and Oak3 Films. The rates range from $50 to $1000 depending again on duration, make and model of the car. They also have the practice of offering promotions and discounts on weekly and monthly basis.

Address: 50 Ubi Avenue 3, Singapore 408866
Phone: +65 6585 5555

 5. Car Rental SG Ptd Ltd

This car rental is the cheapest in Singapore for offering $60 per day rate, which is quite affordable for the people getting this rental service. They are also damn good at promotions either weekdays, weekend or the monthly one for as low as $220 to $1300 for the weekly and monthly respectively.

Their fleet is best for the people who do not only want to get cheap rate for the car, but are also eager to drive good quality car. The fleet of the vehicles includes cars such as Verna, Swift, Honda Civic and Lexus. Apart from the budgeted rental services, they also offer maintenance services, leasing and sale of new and used cars. Quotations can be made via online contact form or phone.

Address: 45 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 348469
Phone: +65 8144 8822

These are some of the best and recommended companies for renting a car on budget in Singapore. If you want to share your experience or recommend a service, please do so by adding comments below.

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