Mount Faber Hill Singapore

Mount Faber Hill Singapore

Mount Faber is a hill that is situated in Bukit Merah planning area in the central region of Singapore. It has a height of 105 meters or 344 feet. Telok Blangah, its original name was renamed to MountFaber in honor of Captain Charles Edward Faber in the mid 1800s. Captain Faber is an engineer who constructed a narrow winding road to the summit for the new flagstaff and signal station. It overlooks the western parts of the Central area as well as Telok Blangah. You can go up the hill by leisure walking; however, you can also go uphill by means of automobiles. MountFaber is considered to be Singapore’s second highest hill after Buki Timah Hill.

This scenic spot showcases a breath taking panoramic view of the Central Business District within the Central Area. The angles includes a tower that is a part of the Singapore Cable Car system that bridges to Sentosa and Harbour Front. It is accessible from the Harbour Front MRT Station.


In the early ages of development in Telok Blangah Hill, the plans were made to construct a flagstaff, signal station and observatory. The project was led by Captain Faber wherein he acquired the services of the Indian convict laborers to harvest and clear the overgrown pineapple plantation of Temenggong Daing Ibrahim who lived at the foot of the Hill. In July 1845, the government announced that the Telok Blangah Hill would in future be named MountFaber. To add to that, Captain Faber was the prime mover in getting the dimensions of the said hill.

Flagstaff and Signal Station

The Singapore Free press report of May 29 1845 published in its editorial stating that the Signal Station on Blakan Mati had been moved to Tulloh Blangah Hill which is MountSaber right now. Three years after the statement, a new flagstaff was finished, and within a month, it was stricken by lightning and was destroyed. The signal station as well as the flagstaff was still on the hill until the early 1970s. At present, two telecoms transmitting towers are erected on the hilltop.

Fort Faber

This fortress and armory had two emplacements just above the Temmenong Abdul Rahman’s Istana Lama; half way going up to the hill to command the Selat Sinki, and the half of the western harbor. The remains of the machine guns and mortars have been there for such a long time. Nowadays, this is considered as one of the main attractions in MountFaber.


The main observatory in Singapore that was situated in Pulau Brani was suggested by Mr. R.S Fry, to be removed and relocated to MountFaber. The Observatory was constructed on Mount Faber which lasted for two years and began its operation on June 01, 1905.

Golden Bell Mansion

The GoldenBell Mansion was built in 1909 with a dome structure that looks like the Buddhist stupa. With words coming from Song Ong Siang, on December 15, 1911, the great Dr. Sun Yat Sen stayed a night there in Singapore immediately coming from Europe. At present, the house is settled by the Danish Seaman’s Mission, It still erects in Fender Road, on the Mid Level of Mount Faber, on the part of the place that I known as Mount Washington.

Mount Faber Scenic Park

The Calmness and tranquility as well as the abundant greenery of the scenic park give the visitor a spectacular view of the skyline of the Central Business District of Singapore and KeppelHarbor. At present, people come for rides on Singapore’s cable car from Mont Faber car station to Sentosa. It also has Marina deck embedded in the well-landscape park with a section for parties on the hill. This place is truly amazing and spectacular work of nature.

Photo Credit: Choo Yut Shing

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