Mambo Beach Club Sentosa: Perfect Escape from Busy Life

Mambo Beach Club Sentosa
Mambo beach club in Sentosa is a perfect place to relax

Ever been to Bali? If no, then in Singapore you can enjoy a revamped version of Bali in form of Mambo Beach Club Sentosa. It is one place that you would surely want to check out whenever you come to Sentosa. The scene is a perfect one with trees and sun umbrella lining the beach and visitors resting under them. Mambo Beach Club Sentosa is a great place to be with friends and family if you are looking forward to spend some quality time with them, away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.

What will you find at Mambo Beach Club Sentosa?


Environment That Will Change your Mood

Not everyone likes a busy and crowded life of city. Mambo Beach Club Sentosa provides you a perfect escape from bustling city life and allows you to spend some moments of tranquility and peace with yourself and your close ones. Here you will find such environment that will uplift your mood instantly, no matter how exhausted you were few minutes ago.

Perfect Place for Private Gatherings

Mambo Beach Club Sentosa also offers you a VIP area with its very own swimming pool. You can book this area for your private parties, functions or corporate meetings. Whatever you organize here will become fun for you and your guests.

All-in-one Beach Club and Dance Club

The inside setting of this club is quite interesting as well. This is an open space that serves as a shelter when the heat becomes unbearable. You will find this place turning into a beach club with live music, whereas at night, this place is transformed into a dance club where everyone would like to shake a leg or two.

Live Music and Entertainment

Live Music keeps you in good spirits; it relaxes your mind and takes you away from all the tensions. You can enjoy at Mambo Beach Club Sentosa whole night and into the wee hours before the sunrise

You would surely love to try grilled food here. Seafood is largely preferred here because of the perfect sea front. Along with the mouth-watering grilled food and BBQ you can enjoy cocktails and other drinks from the bar. If you are planning to visit Mambo Beach Club Sentosa on weekends, then don’t forget to try their weekend barbecue brunch, which is really delicious.


  1. A sea front that will be enough to lighten up your mood after a hard week.
  2. Listen to live bands all day and make them play music of your choice.

Handy Tips

  1. Visit this club on weekends to have more fun.
  2. Don’t forget to take pictures under the beach umbrellas, it will remind you of Bali
  3. Even if you don’t like dancing, do it. It will be a memory worth everything else.

Mambo Beach Club Sentosa Timings & Address

You can enjoy the elegance of Mambo Beach Club Sentosa from 10:00 Am till 11:00 PM from Monday to Thursday and till midnight on weekends.

Address: Mambo Beach Club Sentosa is waiting for you to arrive at 40 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore, 098996.

Similar attractions to Mambo Beach Club Sentosa are Port of Lost Wonder, MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa, S.E.A Aquarium (the world biggest aquarium), Underwater World Sentosa and Maritime Experiential Museum.

There are also popular live shows in Sentosa which are highly recommended for couples and families. These shows include Crane Dance Sentosa & Songs of the Sea.

Photo Credit: Choo Yut Shing

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