Bird Park in Singapore

Bird Park Singapore
Bird Park Singapore (Photo Credit: Charlie Kwan)

Singapore hosts millions of tourists every year and expects this figure to reach 17 million till 2015. But why tourists choose Singapore? It is because Singapore has numerous tourist attractions which are quite stunning and are unmatchable in terms of magnificence and style. One of the most beautiful man-made creation and a chief tourist attraction present in Singapore is the Jurong Bird Park.

The Jurong Bird Park was opened to public in 1971. It is based on an area of 202,000 square meters (50 acres). The idea of the Bird Park was presented by Dr. Goh Keng Swee the Minister of Finance at that time. He wanted a place where people could come and relax. He also saw this opportunity as a future investment in the Singapore tourism industry.

Jurong Bird Park is the one of the World’s bird park which has an inventory of more than 5000 birds of 380 species.

When you enter the premises of the Jurong Bird Park, you will be provided with a tour guide which will assist you and make this visit one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. To be honest, the whole Bird Park is worth watching completely.

The main tourist attractions in the Jurong Bird Park are:


Almost every species of bird present at Jurong Bird Park. Visitors can enjoy a number of bird shows which are conducted on a daily basis all year round. You will be welcomed by mimicking cockatoos, parrots and macaws. Later the tourist will have a chance to lunch will gorgeous lorikeets while watching a parrot show.


The African Waterfall Aviary is the world’s largest walk-in aviary with the highest man-made waterfall having a height over 30 metres. It provides a beautiful atmosphere to the visitors as they can watch flamingos, pelicans and other Bird feeding, bathing, swimming and nurturing their young-ones. There are about 1,500 free-flying Bird from Africa and South America present at Waterfall Aviary area.


You wouldn’t normally find Arctic Penguins in a tropical country but there are Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni and King Penguins living in a temperature-controlled ship-like compound inside the Jurong Bird Park. Some penguins such as African Penguins who have adapted to the tropical climate can be seen interacting with the tourist outside the compound.


The Bird Park is a home to large number of Flight-less Bird which they call “Dinosaur Descendants”. This part of the zoo is filled with a number of species of Ostriches, Emus, Kiwis, Rheas, Cassowaries and certainly ducks and chickens.


Many nocturnal birds mainly Owls can only be seen at night but they are very sensitive to sudden movements and loud noises, therefore the Singapore Bird Park has made an astonishing innovation of installing a system of reverse lighting, converting day to night and likewise. Thanks to such intelligent thinking, now visitors can see Night Herons, Fish Owls, Book Owls and Snowy Owls in their natural habitat. Visitors can observe the Owls searching for their prey, making Hoot Hoot and Whoo Whoo sounds.


The best experience you can have at the Jurong Bird Park is by feeding all these wonderful creations by yourself. You will be provided a Special Nectar Mix to which the Bird specially the Lorikeets is attracted. They will sit near you and drink the nectar from your hands. Lorikeets, parrots and other human-friendly bird interact with the visitors freely at the Bird Park.


Who would not enjoy the breathtaking view of hundreds of Pink Flamingos? The Flamingo Lake is one of the most calm and peaceful site in the Bird Park. Both the famous varieties of pink flamingos i.e. the Greater Flamingos and the Lesser Flamingos are found in the lake.


Due to their large size, the crowned pigeons are often mistaken for chicken. They are called Noble Pigeons because of their tedious way of walking and having crown like feathers on their head. The three most handsome varieties of noble pigeons are kept at the Bird Park. Another remarkably beautiful feature of the Bird Park is the Macaw Island where almost all species of Macaw are kept. Despite the fact that they are extremely colorful but they camouflage with their surrounding and are very hard to spot. Macaws are given special care as they have become a endangered species due to rapid deforestation.


You don’t want to miss the scene of hatching an egg. Many birds start their life’s journey at the newly set up Breeding and Research Centre. It includes Nursing homes, Incubator rooms, bird nursery and most importantly a hospital for birds. This Centre records the data of all birds.

I must say, if you love nature, Jurong Bird Park is worth visiting and to capture finest camera shots of birds and surrounding lush green view. The place is also recommended for educational learning for kids and family.

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