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Azzura Beach Club – An Entertainment, dining and hydrosports complex

Siloso Beach in Sentosa Singapore

Azzura Beach Club Highlights

Looking out for all-in-one fun place? Azzura Beach Club in Sentosa will perfectly serve your purpose for entertainment and dining; all under one roof. This modernistic beach club is designed keeping the Asian taste in mind. To create a perfect beach lifestyle, they have used color azure in most of their decor and furnishings that ultimately makes the place even more attractive. This is one place on Siloso Beach that you will find crowded 24/7.

Why You Must Come Here at Least Once?

No one can describe the Azzura Beach Club perfectly in words as there is a lot more to it then what  just mere words can define, So read below to find out how it can make your day more fun-filled.


Some people just don’t have the nerves to sit idle and they want to keep themselves engaged in various things. For such visitors, Azzura Beach Club offers Hydrosports. As the name suggests, these are water activities that will refresh your muscles you from head to toe. You can try various water sports here like Boating and Wakeboarding. But one sport that is enjoyed by every visitor is a Fly Fish Ride. In this ride a speeding boat tows a craft making it thrilling for those on the craft.

Here is a great article about 10 best adrenaline pumping activities in Singapore.

Jacuzzi and Pool

Feeling exhausted? Make a dive in the Jacuzzi and restore a new life in you. If you are alone in this place then you may be able to make some new friends here because Jacuzzi is the place that you will never find vacant.

Bars and Dining Areas

Just right next to the Jacuzzi, you will find a cocktail bar. The place is perfect to have a cold drink after a dive in the Jacuzzi. On second floor of this amazing beach club, you will find the dining area. This is a pretty calm place as compared to the other areas of Azzura. You will find the food light, delicious and comforting.

Azzura Beach Club Dinning Area
Azzura Beach Club Dinning Area [Courtesy: GuideGecko]

Perfect Place for Events

On second floor you will also find the Balcony Area. This is a sheltered area perfect for organize birthday parties and other small events. The view of the beach from this balcony is breathtaking. Your guests will surely love the place and atmosphere once they will be here.

The Beach Area

Seating arrangement in combinations of white and blue makes this place look more beautiful in daytime. Tents and shaded tables with trees around have turned it into a small enchanting oasis from where no one would like to leave. This area is truly the most captivating area of the entire beach club.


  1. It doesnt matter what part of the year you arrive in Singapore and visit this cool Azzura Beach Club, you will always find an event to join in here.
  2. You can also book yourself a certain area of the club for your corporate purposes and even for product launches.


  1. Visit Azzura Beach Club with your family or friends for more entertainment.


Azzura Beach Club is open from Monday to Thursday you are welcomed from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 AM till 2:00 AM

Enjoy Hydrosports from 10:00 AM till 6:30 PM daily.


This enchanting Azzura Beach Club is situated on 46 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Singapore 099005.

You can also explore other beach clubs in Sentosa including Mambo Beach Club. For more fun activities you can try Adventure Cove Water Park and MegaZip Adventure Park.

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