Restaurants to try Black Pepper Crab in Singapore

Black Pepper Crab Singapore

Initially, the dishes related to crab either chili or black pepper crab, did not exist in the early 1900’s and it was after 1950 when a women hawker at East Coast in Singapore, near seashore introduced the combination of crabs with the flavor of chili sauce. Unfortunately, this stall is now being replaced by bigger and a huge seafood center serving thousands of seafood lovers every day. Thus, the crab with chili either red or black is Singapore’s national dish, which is immensely popular in the city.

Black pepper crab gained popularity in Singapore after 1980’s and it is now of equal importance as that of the chilli crab due to its non-messy sauces and convenience to dine. In addition, the dish  itself very tasty and irresistible.

Best Black Pepper Crab in Singapore

We have already covered places for the best chilli crab in Singapore. Below we have provided the readers with some of the best restaurants to eat black pepper crab in Singapore from the whole lot of restaurant present in the place.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

The dish of black pepper crab was originally created by the long beach seafood restaurant in Singapore and has become immensely popular today. They serve the dish with delicious black pepper sauce with a nice presentation, making the people to go for this dish instead of chili crab.  Apart from that they have an extreme range of other seafood dishes for its sea food lovers such as Canadian crab and tiger sea mantis.

Address: 25 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249670
Phone:+65 6323 2222
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Eng Seng Restaurant

Good place for the crab lovers to have black pepper crab at a very cheap price in Singapore. Around $60 could be more than enough for 3-4 people. Again, reach early to avoid the long queue which normally starts from 5 pm on-wards. The flavors are exciting, rich with a blend of spiciness and sweetness to enrich the dish. The ambience of the place is casual and up to the standard, but not too high

Address: 241 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 427932
Phone: +65 6440 5560
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Ting Heng Seafood Restaurant

If you have tasted the black pepper crab at the Ting Heng Seafood restaurant in Singapore, then you will skip the plain or other chilli crab flavors. Although, chili crab has won the show for the best dishes related to crab, but most of the people who are now going for the black pepper crab have found this dish more exciting. Bamboo clams and Singaporean noodles are also some of the good sides at this place for its diners. Reservations are accepted but it is good to reach before peak hours. The different thing about this restaurant is its simple style cooking, but most of the staff does not know how to communicate in English.

Address: 82 Tiong Poh Rd, Singapore 160082
Phone: +65 6323 6093
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House of Seafood

Unlike other luxurious restaurants, this place is very much different. Although the ambience may not be as that impressive as other seafood restaurants, but the food is delicious especially the black pepper crab. The taste is almost same as other big restaurants serving black pepper crab in Singapore. The average price is $16 to $35 per person which is pretty much decent.

The staff is friendly and nice with the managers asking for feedback after the diners have completed their meal. The place is recommendable for friends and family gatherings as the restaurant is sufficiently large to accommodate a large group of people.

Address: 756 Upper Serangoon Road, #03-33 Serangoon Shopping Centre, Singapore 534626
Phone: +65 6285 9711
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These are some of the restaurants in Singapore to try the delicious black pepper crab. If you want to recommend a place or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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