5 Places to try Best Chilli Crab in Singapore

Best Chilli Crab Singapore

Chilli Crab is one of the most favorite and loveable dishes of the people of Singapore. For the same reason, you can taste the best chilli crab in Singapore from one of the restaurants as well.

If you visit Singapore and you have not eaten this dish, then your trip to Singapore is really not worth it. It has also been listed among top 40 on World’s top most marvelous dishes by the CNN Go. Chilli Crab is basically a stir-fried crab, with a tomato based sauce on top. The sauce has a sweet and sour taste which is a mouthwatering experience for the eaters. It is served with fried or steamed buns to complement the dish.

Best Chilli Crab in Singapore

Being one of the favorite dishes of Singapore, there are many restaurants that offer tasty and delicious chilli crab in Singapore. Below we will explore some of the restaurants that serve best chilli crab in Singapore.

1. Red House Seafood Restaurant

The Red House Seafood Restaurant is without doubt, one of the finest place to have best chili crab in Singapore with your family or corporate world. They have fresh crabs with a delicious gravy on top with a different flavor. They started their operation in Singapore in 1976 with their first branch in the famous East Coast area. With effect from 22 March 2015, they are also ceasing all operations in their East Coast branch. They have two more outlets in Singapore at Robertson Quay & Prinsep.

The staff is really friendly and efficient who serve the peanuts and wet towels upon reception at the restaurant. Fried prawns and garlic, bamboo clams are also some of its specialties. The price normally ranges from $40 to $45 dollar per person which is just around average.

Address: Robertson Quay 60, 238252 Singapore
Phone Number: +65 6735 7666
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2. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

The Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is one of those restaurants that have won many awards for serving the finest and delicious seafood. Apart from being famous for serving spicy chilli crab in Singapore, it is also one of the best places to try the black pepper chilli crab as well. In fact, this dish was created by this restaurant and it is therefore its signature dish.

The average price of the chili crab in this restaurant normally ranges from $50 to $70 dollar as crabs are served by Kilograms and the smallest is at least 1 kilogram. The dining is ocean facing with lovely ambience to enjoy your meal. Some of the world’s famous celebrities have also been served at this place such as Lady Gaga and Brendan Fraser. The Long Beach Seafood Restaurant has a couple of outlets all over Singapore.

Address: 1018 East Coast Parkway Singapore 449877
Phone Number: +65 6445 8833
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3. Mellben Seafood

If someone wants to enjoy clay pot bee hoon, which is a noodle soup dish with the aroma of crab, along with the delicious chilli crabs then this is the right place to go. Apart from this, butter crab is also one of their expertise as people find their recipes out of this world due to exceptional taste. The Mellben Seafood Restaurant is located far from the main city so the atmosphere of the place and the restaurant is quite clear and relaxing.

The average per person cost is around $35 to $40 dollar, which is quite reasonable. As the restaurant is far from the city therefore it is not accessible through MRT and normal bus needs to be taken.

Address: 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 560233
Phone Number: +65 6285 6762
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4. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

The best thing about the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant is its award winning chilli crab dish with a lovely ambience. They started their operation in 1987 with their first branch opened on the East Coast. They have five outlets in Singapore in the famous tourist spots, including Dempsey Hill, Riverwalk, Riverside Point, East Coast Seafood Centre & SAFRA resort. The advance reservations are recommendable to cater the free flow of the crab lovers as Jumbo Seafood restaurant is highly popular among locals as well.

The prices of the chilli crab dishes vary depending upon the season therefore the price per kilogram should be asked before placing the order. Average price however is $50 dollar per person.

Address: Block 1206 East Coast Parkway #01-07/08, Singapore 449883
Phone Number: +65 6442 3435
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5. No Sign Board Seafood Restaurant

The No Sign Board Seafood Restaurant is the originator to the white pepper crab dish with a perfect taste for the crab lovers. This was possible due to the low sale faced by the restaurant in the past. You can have the chili crab with a variety of spiciness in the dish from mild to high. Delicious sidelines are also offered such as cereal prawn and squid.

The average cost per person is normally $50 to $70 dollar and the outlet at Geylang is the cheapest in comparison to the rest of them.

Address: 8 Raffles Ave, #01-14/16 The Esplanade, Singapore 039802
Phone:+65 6336 9959
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These are some of the restaurants that serve best chilli crab in Singapore. If you want to share your experience or recommend a place, please do so by adding comments below.

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