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Room Rental Singapore - View of HDB buildings on Kalang River

In this guide of room rental Singapore, we will take a closer of the places in Singapore as well as website offering long & short term room rental in Singapore.

Hotels vs Room Rental

Travelling around Singapore and staying in hotels most certainly has its charm. You can enjoy the comforts and services of lavish establishments that are there for your every beck and call. You can also make good use of luxurious facilities such as rooftop pools, restaurants and bars after a day of shopping therapy in the hotel’s high end retail stores. However, as comfortable as this sounds, there are also some undisputable disadvantages to hotels.

First of all, if you are planning a longer trip, most of your financial resources will be swollen whole by the price of accommodations and it would just be a shame not to have anything left to enjoy the amazing tourist attractions that Singapore has to offer. What’s more, staying in hotels, as luxurious as it may be, doesn’t really give you a feel of the nation itself and its people. As fascinating as Singapore’s attractions may be, the people are far more interesting and your travel experience will be much worthwhile, should you decide to get to know them. So if what you are looking for is a longer trip around Singapore and you want to get close and personal with the culture, what should you do? The answer is to find a short term room rental.

View of Holland Village HDB buildings
View of HDB apartments in Holland Village Singapore

Singapore – A Real Estate Hub

This is real estate all over Singapore – houses, condos, apartments etc., whose owners have decided to rent them out for tourists. There are many options for location, design and time frame, though these types of accommodations are usually available for a few days up to months. The best thing about this sort of stay is that you can really choose something that matches your personal preferences perfectly and you can find incredible places all over Singapore.

If you have already decided to pick room rental in Singapore as your housing of choice, you are certainly in for an amazing experience. However, before actually booking, you should consider a few details that will help pick that most suitable place for your style and likings.

Narrow down your selection by choosing right area

First of all, there is the matter of districts – Singapore has many and they all have their own spirit and charm. While some offer bustling nightlife and entertainment, others provide the opportunity of renting a large family house in calm, green settings. Therefore it is important to think about who you will be travelling with. If you will be staying in Singapore with your family, the most popular choices are Central Bukit Timah (close to Orchard Road and the Botanic Gardens, a leafy area that offers a lot of spacious houses with a retro feel), the Woodlands in the North (a suburban area with large shopping centers where a big American community lives), as well as Serangoon and Braddell in the central part of Singapore, where you will find spacious houses with picturesque gardens.

View of HDB hub at Toa Payoh Singapore
View of HDB hub at Toa Payoh Singapore

If you prefer busy, lively and entertaining settings to the calm and leafy areas, there is also a lot to choose from Orchard Road is as central as it gets in Singapore and if you can afford it and enjoy the hustle and bustle, this might prove to be the perfect neighborhood for you. There is an incredible variety of entertainment, restaurants, beauty salons, shopping and much more in this district. Another popular choice is Holland Village, which has a certain bohemian vibe and has many Western restaurants and stylish boutiques to offer. On the other hand, singles and young couples more often than not enjoy Robertson Quay and Mohammed Sultan Road, as this part of Singapore is very vibrant and offers a lot of bars, restaurants and clubs along the Singapore River.

If you are looking for something more lavish and extravagant, you might take a liking to Sentosa Island. Some of Singapore’s most luxurious homes are located there and if you choose to rent housing in that area you will have access to a myriad of entertainment outlets, as well as one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls. Naturally, these are only examples of some of the most popular areas, there are many more neighborhoods you can pick from, depending on your personal style and requirements.


Accessibility is an important factor while choosing a room

Another key point to consider, especially if you have decided to have a longer stay in Singapore, is how you will be moving around. Provided you have decided to use public transportation instead of renting a car, renting a room which is well integrated into Singapore’s transportation system might prove to be a good idea. The two main bus operators are SBS Transit and SMRT Buses, with collectively more than 400 routes. Railway transportation is also very popular and useful in Singapore, with its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) consisting of 5 lines and 104 stations, as well as the Light Rail Transit (LRT), which has 3 lines. Apart from transportation and location of the room rental Singapore you have chosen, it might be good to think about the services that the building offers. For instance, some establishments have a cleaning service or offer car parking.

Knowing what you are looking for when leasing short term room rental is definitely taking the first step, but from that point on you need to actually find the place. This might seem difficult and overwhelming at first, as Singapore offers a huge amount of properties. In order to help you avoid all the confusion of helplessly attempting to find the right place, we have chosen some of the best real estate websites that will certainly make things a lot easier.

7 websites for Room Rental Singapore

If you are looking for long or short term room rental in Singapore then you can start your search with one of below sites.  These sites not only provides listing of various accommodations in Singapore but also provide search filters and reviews which will help you make a decision.

Your room rental Singapore search starts here ..

Airbnb Logo

Airbnb is very reputable as it offers properties for rent in 192 countries. There is a neighborhood guide that is certainly very useful and, in addition you can search not only by dates and cities, but also by room type – entire place, private room or shared room. Besides, there is a very comprehensive map that helps you search for a listing in your area of choice. A really nice perk is that when you click on a property, you can see a picture and description of the host, so that you can get an idea of who it is you will be staying with.

Airbnb is no doubt most preferred choice for long & short term room rental Singapore.

Click here to visit website

Roomaroma Logo

Roomorama a big website with global presence, which includes cities like London and New York and so it can certainly be considered trustworthy. Besides, many international magazines, newspapers and websites are raving about Roomorama’s great qualities. After finding a place, you can either directly book and wait for the host to accept in 48 hours, or you can contact them with any questions before paying. Another positive aspect is that you are protected from scams and false advertising by a code that the website provides.

Roomorama is another preferred choice for long & short term room rental Singapore.

Click here to visit website

Short Term Rental SingaporeShortTermRentals is not only specialized for Singapore, but also, as the name suggests, offers nothing but short term accommodations. You can lease HDBs, condos, landed houses and serviced apartments for different periods of time – from a day up to one year.

A local service provider in Singapore for short term room rentals.

Click here to visit website

iBilik Logo

Also a website specialized for Singapore only. Their slogan “We are friendly” definitely makes an impression and promises a positive experience. Perhaps the best thing about this website is that you can find a huge amount of properties – there are over 10,000 listings. You can browse rentals by neighborhood, which is an incredibly helpful option. In addition, you can also post ads explaining what you are looking for, so that owners can contact you. The only negative is that there are no pictures accompanying the listings.

A promising website for various accommodation types and room rental in Singapore.

Click here to visit website

Property Guru Logo

Unlike the listed above, this website does not offer only short term rentals. In fact, it is Singapore’s go-to place for all kinds of real estate – you can purchase and rent not only housing but also all kinds of other properties. In addition, the search options are very elaborate and comprehensive, as you can choose the size of the housing, its location and maximum price. In addition, you have the option of looking for property oversees, as well as reading up on market and lifestyle news related to housing.

Like the name suggest PropertyGuru not only deals in short term room rental in Singapore but also provides long term room rental and other services.

Click here to visit website

Pandabed Logo

PandaBed is specialized for Asia, with a slogan that states “Asia’s trusted alternative to hotels”. In order to find the right place, you can either type in your destination, arrival and departure dates as well as guests, or you can directly click on the country you would like to visit. You can search by room type, amenities and price. What’s more, every listing offers a detailed description of the property, as well as pictures.

A good place to search for room rentals not only in Singapore but also other destinations in Asia.

Click here to visit website

Travelmob Logo

On this website you can find listings for Asia Pacific. Perhaps the biggest advantage are the comprehensive and yet elaborate search options. Just like with other places, you can choose a neighborhood and a price range, but unlike most websites, this one provides a lot more options as well. You can search properties by preferences such as traditional style, luxurious, close to nightlife, green, near the beach, etc.

Travelmob provides room rental Singapore service and the search filters will let you choose rooms based on your preference.

Click here to visit website

Among Singapore’s vast variety of properties with all sorts of features, from ultra-luxurious to bunks, there is something for everyone’s taste. As long as you have decided what your requirements are and put in some time to find the right place, you are sure to have a wonderful stay!

If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding room rental Singapore then please share your views by adding comments below.
Photo Credit: William Cho

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