Shangri-La Serviced Apartments Singapore

The Shangri-La Apartments are owned and operated by the Shangri-La Hotels and Resort conglomerate.  No wonder the quality of service that you can get from any Shangri-La hotel can also be found on Shangri-La Apartments.

Accommodations at Shangri-La Apartments are superb.  If you are traveling alone, you can choose a single room apartment where you can enjoy superior privacy and highly personalized service.  If you are traveling with your family or friends, then there are apartments with two to three bedrooms.

These apartments are very luxurious.  Each room is spacious enough and has high ceilings which will give you the impression that you are staying in a posh villa.  The ambiance in the apartment is very homey and relaxing with the presence of carefully selected furniture and live plants.  You will never miss your home when you stay at the Shangri-La Apartments.

The apartments can offer complete amenities.  There are swimming pools, Jacuzzi, and Sauna rooms.  You also have access to a tournament-grade tennis courts.  If you are on a business trip, the Shangri-La Apartments can provide a business center and conference rooms which are equipped with everything you need to conduct your business.

If you want to unwind and explore Singapore, then the Marina Bay Area is just outside your doors.  The Marina Promenade is just a stone’s throw away from the apartments as well as the exclusive Superbowl Golf and Country Club.  Orchard Road is also nearby if you want to shop and party all night.

Overall, a Shangri-La Apartment can be your home away from home.  It can provide all your accommodation needs while visiting the wonderful city of Singapore.

1 Anderson Road, Singapore, 259983
Telephone: (65) 6213 4635

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