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    How to Take Advantage of an Exotic Trip in Singapore

    Everyone will tell you that travelling soothes the soul, but you can never spiritually peak from an exotic trip to a place like Singapore unless you cover all your bases. From mainstream activities right down to all those hidden spots you just can’t miss, you’ll feel like the place is yours by the end of it.

    Make your time in this bustling Asian metropolis worthwhile by ditching the lazy hotel attitude. Check out some of the activities and must-tries Singapore has to offer.

    The exotic nature and all its hidden spots

    Nest Singapore
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    Nothing is more symbolic of Singapore than its breathtaking natural landscape. The whole region is covered in the most lavish green scenes, crystal blue waters and much, much more. It’s downright impossible to visit all of these places on one trip, but what you can do is make sure your moments with each of these spectacular spots aren’t fleeting.

    Whether your personal preferences include a secluded waterfall spot, unspoilt beaches, or being right in the middle of a vibrantly green forest, make sure you fully immerse yourself in it all and take advantage of your trip. Try island hopping among some of the country’s newest attractions, such as Coney Island, Lazarus Island and Pulau Seringat and go camping for a good few days. There are many camping programs you can join to go out into permitted camping areas all over Singapore, but also many online guides to help you get authorization and do it on your own with your travel buddies. Get away from the city and get in touch with nature – it will certainly do your mind, body and soul some good.

    The best way to a country’s heart is through its stomach

    food singapore
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    Singapore’s culinary scene is truly like no other – the variety, quality, and flavours you get from the countless options available rival that of France or Italy. It isn’t just their mainstream must-try dishes from popular Malaysian, Chinese, or Thai restaurants, but those exotic, bizarre, or little-known dishes that you just can’t get anywhere else. Nothing helps you better embrace a country than by giving some love to the unexplored. Singapore is definitely full of those – from black chicken to their infamously fragrant fruit, the durian, you’re going to bump into something strange and peculiar at every turn. With a little bravery and an appetite for adventure, you’ll quickly realise that trying out a few local gems will be the most exciting, and tastiest, part of your trip.

    Another significant aspect of local cuisine includes the explosive Western-Eastern fusion creations that were born in Singapore. Start-up restaurants and niche dining spots have resulted in a creative and unique mingling of the best of Western and Eastern cuisines. You can take a stroll throughout any borough and discover the best Thai-fusion or purely-Singaporean meals you’ll ever have – or, better yet, have it delivered right to you through Deliveroo – and add a few new gems to your worldly favourite foods list. You can have your pick from the best restaurants from the most random corners of the region and order in when you’re having some downtime recovering at your hotel.

    Explore Singapore’s artistic side

    wall art singapore
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    Every country’s young and vibrant spirit comes out most when you explore its local art. Whether it’s street art like graffiti or artefacts in a museum, you don’t quite take a peak at the true heart of Singapore until you see it with your own eyes. For more conventional art, The Parkview Museum is a true hidden gem of Singapore’s art scene. This private gallery showcases the country’s magnificent contemporary art. Walk through some of their most thought-provoking art pieces and get to know the hidden core of Singapore’s creative spirit.

    Singapore has gone through a rollercoaster of an arts movement since the 1990s, and you can see its progressions plastered all over the city if you look closely enough. At one of Aliwal Arts Centre’s exhibits, you can get an idea of some of the artistic representations of Singapore’s recent past and other societal elements by artists such as Killer Gerbil, Skope and Syco. The exhibition showcases recreations of graffiti art spotted by longkangs and railway tracks, which have long been removed by authorities. This spot will surely take your breath away as you get a taste for the country’s artistic and historical nature.

    These are just a few of the many reasons why you need to get out and explore Singapore past your hotel room or apartment rental. Take advantage of every chance you have to travel, and you’ll thank yourself later. This up-and-coming city is one you will never forget!

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    The 5 Top Sectors in Singapore

    Top sectors Singapore

    Top sectors Singapore

    With Brexit negotiations now underway, you could forgive some individuals for thinking that their future may lie abroad.

    After all, nobody knows how Brexit will play out, other than the fact that it is likely to increase the cost of living while freezing job creation and wage growth.

    So, the temptation to move to a thriving and protected economy like Singapore must be compelling, particularly with some incredibly high-performance sectors available to workers. Here are five of the biggest:

    1. IT

    Let’s start with IT, which has been inspired by initiatives such as the 2015 Intelligent Nation Master plan and the National Broadband Network. In the current market, senior account and business development managers can earn between S$14,800 and S$22,000 respectively, and these wages will grow incrementally as the sector continues to evolve in line with advancement and demand.

    2. Accounting

    There has also been a huge push to drive growth in the nation’s accounting industry, which is set to become a global hub for the Asia-Pacific region after expanding by $1.8 billion back in 2015. CFOs in Singapore can take home an average of S$20,000, while there are also considerable advancement opportunities within the sector.

    If Singapore also becomes the home of the world’s financial services sector post-Brexit, Londoners may be leaving the capital in their droves. If this does apply to you, you will need to liaise with expert service providers such as Withers Worldwide to relocate efficiently.

    3. Sales and Marketing

    As Singapore becomes an increasingly prosperous hub with a global outlook, so too major sales and advertising brands are settling there. Marketing in particular represents one of the biggest growth sectors in the whole of Singapore, with those active in the digital field capable of earning an average salary of S$10,000.

    4. Banking and Finance

    Similar to accounting, Singapore’s banking and finance sector has thrived in recent times. The economies status as a triple-A rated entity also underlines its credentials as a replacement for London as the fiscal capital of the world, with more than 700 global, financial institutions already located there.

    Vice-presidents and compliance managers remain the highest earners in the sector, with salaries in the region of S$17,000. These earnings will grow too, particularly with S$225 million having recently been invested to develop the nation’s fintech capabilities.

    5. Health and Life Sciences

    Fundamentally, Singapore is a progressive nation with a keen eye on health and life sciences. In fact, it is Asia’s fastest growing bio-cluster, with the demand for professionals and specialist skills higher than ever before. The government is also set to invest S$19 billion into relevant research and development programs before 2020, while directors in the market can expect to earn upwards of S$15,000.

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    Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

    Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

    Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

    Employing the right person for a business is an important part of a venture. For this there has to be recruitment agency that carry out this task in order for business survival. The top 5 recruitment agencies in Singapore are listed below.

    Top 5 Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

    1. Hudson

    This is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Singapore. It provides professional recruitment, talent management and people development and recruiting process outsourcing services worldwide. Along with this, they help organizations solve their toughest challenges. Moreover, they also help organizations hire and develop the right people. They do this through psychometric tests and assessment papers.

    Hudson is a well known recruiting agency throughout Asia with an extensive network of talented candidates all willing to work. Hudson aims to be the best recruitment agency in the world, helping employers  achieve success through people.

    Address: 20 McCallum Street, Singapore 069046
    Phone:+65 6339 0355
    LinkedIn: Hudson’s at LinkedIn

    2. Randstad

    Brought into existence in 1960 by Dutch entrepreneurs and two university students, today the company has grown to become the world’s second largest HR service provider. Now operating in 39 countries Randstad employs around 29000 of its own staff while 600,000 people are deployed in other companies through Randstad every day.

    In Singapore it has started operating in 1993 providing recruitment services to Singapore companies since then. Randstad strives to match the best people with the best companies both being equally best for one another. Randstad always hires those individuals  having innovative talents so that they are beneficial to the business and the society as a whole. That is why this is in our top 5 recruitment agencies in Singapore list.

    Address: 50 Raffles Pl, #17-02/05 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623
    Phone:+65 6510 1350
    Facebook: Randstad

    3. Adecco

    The Adecco group is the world’s leading provider of Human Resource solutions with branches in over 60 countries, connecting more than 100,000 clients each day. Adecco offers various services such as temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition, talent developing and outsourcing and consulting. The Adecco aims to provide unsurpassed service to their associates and clients through best in class matching of associates to client positions.

    Adecco focuses on building lasting relationships with their clients and associates and provide them with the best talent on time. As Adecco is passionate about people they make a difference for millions of people every year and give them the opportunity to build their futures.

    Address: 1 Scotts Road, #18-08,Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
    Phone:+65 6835 3400
    Adecco on Facebook

    4. Kelly Services

    Kelly services Inc is a leader in providing workforce solutions with outsourcing and consulting services as well as world class staffing  temporary, temporary to hire and direct hire basis. They provide employment to more than half a million people annually. Kelly is aware of what it takes to succeed as a workforce supplier and so has developed effective strategies both for managing and serving supplier relationships.

    As a result Kelly services has been recognized for its quality processing, management practices, supplier diversity etc and awarded the supplier quality award as well as the diversity partnership award.

    Address: 20 Anson Road Level 11 Twenty Anson Singapore 079912
    Phone:+65 6709 3388
    Facebook: Kelly Services

    5. Manpower

    Being a leader in temporary and permanent workforce solutions and operating globally, the manpower group delivers high impact solutions that enable clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness. In Singapore they have provided organizations with staffing solutions in order to let them win.

    Through their application of candidate sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, assessment and training manpower guarantees delivery of the right candidate to meet your needs.

    Address: 10 Anson Road #12-07 International Plaza Singapore 079903
    phone: +65 6232 8811
    Website: www.manpower.com.sg

    These are some of recommended recruitment agencies in Singapore. If you want to recommend a service or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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    Best 5 Delectable Customized Cakes in Singapore

    Customized Cakes in Singapore

    Customized Cakes in SingaporeLove for cake is always special; people just forget every effort you did for the party if your cake is not tasty. Baking a cake for a number of eyes may give you Goosebumps. You might be a great chef but not everyone have an absolute whizz to bake a perfect cake. This is the point where you shrug off your confidence over your cooking expertise and look for shops that bake customized cakes. Acquiring professionals’ help is also not an easy task, particularly in Singapore where love for cake is endless. Read on our blog which tells you about best 5 customized cakes in Singapore.

    Customized Cakes in Singapore

    Fresh Bakes

    They started their business back in year 2010; there aim was to serve their clients with best and mouthwatering cakes as soon as they enter the shop. They are best at what they do; they use less sugar and no preservatives to make your cake. They try to make your birthday memorable because every milestone of life is worth remembering.  They also customize cakes for other events such as baby one month, weddings, anniversaries, theme cakes and corporate cakes. Their 3D cakes are famous in Singapore for the best designing; the final result and initial concept are very much same. Their cakes are undoubtedly best customized cakes in Singapore.

    Address: 520 East Coast Road, #01-01 Ocean Park Oranda, Singapore 458965
    Phone: +65 9154 1812
    Visit their Facebook for reviews and finished products.

    A Little CakeShoppe

    A little Cake Shoppe bakes amazing and lip-smacking customized cakes in Singapore. When it comes to make the cake as per your theme for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby full month celebrations, corporate events, Cake Shoppe pull it off flawlessly. Their creations make customers go awe with surprise and delight. The man behind this successful name is Ah Beng; he started this journey when his extra ordinary cake creations got famous among people of Singapore. Company uses fine ingredients to make the special occasions of their customers more memorable.

    Address: 11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, #B3-09 Unit 08 Singapore
    Visit them on their Facebook.

    Jo Takes the Cake

    Jo Takes the Cake is a small but yummilicious venture by a cake artist Jo. She has love for customized cake and baking. She runs her shop where she carves out pleasant and delectable cakes for your parties. Despite being run at small scale, Jo Takes the Cake is quiet famous in Singapore for her customized cupcakes. Her cupcakes are finely detailed that go along with the occasions’ theme. She bakes it for your loved one birthday, anniversaries, corporate events, theme cakes, and baby showers. The prices vary with design and complexity of the cakes.

    Reach her on Facebook and here.

    7th Manna

    Along with gourmet cakes, they make top quality customized cakes also. The process of making custom designed cakes is very interesting.First they discuss the designs with their customers and give suggestions to them if needed. The ingredients used in custom designed cakes are similar in terms of quality as those used in gourmet cakes. They have designs on their website to choose from or you may also design your cake through given cues. They also deliver cakes at your doorstep.

    Address: 368 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437125
    Phone: +65 6348 2838
    Catch them on Facebook.

    SG Birthday Cakes

    Don’t be misled by their name because they make cakes for all occasions. Their cakes are top notch and tasty as per customer reviews, they have a vast collection of cakes especially for your child’s birthday. Customized cartoon characters cakes, 2D and 3D cakes, wedding cakes, and engagement cakes are few domains in which they surpass others. SG, without a doubt, offers best customized cakes in Singapore.

    Phone: +65 9730 0964
    Have a look at their work on Facebook.

    So, if next time you have a special occasion or want to treat a loved one or a corporate gathering with yumilicious customized cakes, do contact our recommended best 5 customized cake shops in Singapore. Do not forget to share your experience by adding comments below.

    Happy Desserts!

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    Best 10 Brand New Shopping Mall in Singapore

    new shopping malls Singapore

    Singapore is the shopping hub of Asia and there is an array of new shopping malls added frequently to the Singapore landscape. These new shopping mall features all the latest fashion & the renowned brands which attract local as well as tourists. Vast variety of shopping malls in the Singapore are the main attraction for visitors. The visitors can get lots of choices in terms of both quality and quantity.

    New Shopping Mall in Singapore

    If you would like to recommend a new shopping mall in Singapore, please do so by adding comments.

    1. East Village Shopping Mall

    East village is a state of the art mix development new shopping mall in Singapore. It has shopping mall along with residential area for locals. It has 180 commercial units and it is located at 430 Upper Changi Road, Singapore. This new shopping mall in Singapore was opened in June, 2014. It houses many local brands along with international brands. There is also daily free parking in the East Village shopping mall from 12pm to 2pm.

    Some of the main outlets & shops in the East Village shopping mall include Cold Storage, Tasconi’s Italian Pizza (Halal), Club Lava, Hong Kong Street family restaurant, Simply Oat & SK beauty saloon.

    Address: 430 Upper Changi Road, Singapore
    Phone: +65 6702 6125

    2. Orchard Gateway Shopping Mall

    The Orchard Gateway shopping mall is one of the coolest & new shopping mall in Singapore on the famous Orchard road, which itself known as the shopping road of Singapore. It was opened to provide the locals and the tourists, all sorts of luxury shopping essence, one can get from a single place. This shopping center houses all the big brands for you to shop right away. You can have the finest dining experience by enjoying Korean, Singaporean and Chinese cuisine here as well. This mall was officially opened in April, 2014. It is the part of Orchard Gateway, which has a mall, a hotel and other projects.

    Address: 277 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238851

    3. West Gate Shopping Mall

    The West Gate shopping mall is another famous and newly opened shopping mall in Singapore. This is a lifestyle shopping mall located at Jurong Gateway & within walking distance from Jurong East MRT station. It has a 5 to 6 levels of shops while one level is fully occupied by a play land. It was opened in December, 2013. It has an area of 410,000 square feet.

    This new shopping mall in Singapore has everything for shoppers, from fashion to lifestyle, digital, dinning & much more. If you are looking for digital gadgets & accessories then you can shop from Asus, Courts & Challengers. There is a Samsung experience store as well on level 1 & 2. If you are looking for the latest fashion, then you can head to Armani Exchange, ALDO, Braun Buffel, Calvin Klein Jeans, Ecco, Geox, Pandora, Police, Simply Red, The North Face, Timberland & many more.

    There are more than a dozen restaurants for foodies & Isetan supermarket as well. Although, the West Gate shopping mall is new, but it provides a complete & unique experience to the shoppers.

    Address: 3 Gateway Dr, Singapore 608532 (Next to Jurong East MRT station)
    Phone: +65 6908 3737

    4. 268 Orchard Road Shopping Mall

    The 268 orchard building or 268 orchard shopping mall is another newly opened shopping mall in Singapore. It is located at 268 Orchard Road. This shopping mall is a multi-story building and has 20 floors. It was opened in early 2014. It has various shops and food places including a cinema. The tourists visiting this place can park their cars easily in one of the five available parking places around this mall.

    Related: Muji Japanese Online Store.

    Address: 268 Orchard Road, Singapore

    5. Kallang Wave Mall at Singapore Sports Hub

    The Kallang Wave Mall is a state of the art shopping place, part of the state of the art Singapore Sports Hub. It is a unique styled new shopping mall in Singapore with facilities of sporting shops along with shops of other brands. It has an area of 441,320 square feet. This new shopping mall was open for public in June, 2014.

    Some of the best outlets in Kallang Wave Mall include Forever 21, H&M, New Balance, UNIQLO, The Manhattan Fish Market, Columbia, ASTONS specialities, Old Town White Coffee, Starbucks, Daiso & many more.

    Address: 1 Stadium Place, Singapore 397628
    Phone: +65 6702 5168

    6. One KM Shopping Mall

    One KM shopping mall was officially opened on Sunday, 30th November, 2014 at 11 Tanjong Katong Road. It is categorized as a lifestyle and knowledge mall near offices and suburban vicinity. With 204,000 sq ft space, the mall features three stories and a basement. You can visit One KM Mall from 10am to 9:30pm daily. For the visitors, there are some famous restaurants in One KM shopping mall, including Saigon Baguette, Delifrance, KFC, Pizza Hut and Baikohken Japanese Ramen Restaurant.

    The One KM shopping mall also meets the need of Shopaholic as it features brands like Adidas, Crocs, UNIQLO, Esprit, Hang Ten & others. There is also a Cold Storage supermarket & J-Mart Japanese food market.

    Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437157
    Phone: +65 6702 3610

    7. Bedok Mall

    A first full-fledged shopping mall in the Bedok, Singapore is situated in the hub of the Bedok Town Center. This new Singapore shopping mall has potential to house more than 200 shops on three floors. Total area of the mall is 220,000 square feet to facilitate the basics, fashion, and lifestyle. The Bedok Mall was inaugurated in December, 2013 at 311 New Upper Changi Road. Mall remains open for visitors from 10am to 10pm daily. Paik’s Bibimbap is a Korean fast food restaurant to entertain visitors. If you are a vegetarian, healthy and yummy meat-free choices are available for you.

    The Young Generation & Xpress Flower are the places to buy gifts for your loved ones in Singapore. If you are looking to buy gifts for bridge or groom then you should head toward The Chinese Wedding Shop.

    The Bedok Mall provides a complete shopping experience to shoppers as it has a range of shops & outlets from fashion to lifestyle & digital.

    Related: Althea Online Korean Cosmetics & Skincare

    Address: 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467360

    8. HillV2 Mall

    The HillV2 mall is a mixed development & a newly opened shopping mall in Singapore, located close to the city and nestled in Hillview Rise offers a great lifestyle experience. The 55,500 sq ft space combines both gourmet delights and lifestyle experience of two-storey mall. Three famous restaurants, including New York cafe-cum-grocery Dean & DeLuca, iO Italian Osteria and Black Angus Steakhouse have their first outlet outside at HillV2. Food and beverage outlets, retail services, and other stores are located in the Hillview marketplace. The HillV2 Mall was inaugurated in October, 2014 at 4 Hillview Rise. The mall remains open for the visitors during 10am to 10pm daily.

    Address: 4 Hillview Rise, Singapore 667979

    9. Big Box Mall

    The Big Box Mall is the biggest & one of the newly opened shopping mall in Singapore, next to the busy Jurong East MRT station and straddling a gigantic 5.6ha of land area. This shopping mall carries new concept, to target the needs of everyone, offers a great shopping experience to consumers for their home improvements and lifestyle needs. The mall was inaugurated in January, 2015 at 1 Venture Avenue. The 400,000 sq ft area is distributed in a retail space, hypermarket, consumer electronics, IT and mobile accessories as well as fixtures.

    Address: 1 Venture Ave, Singapore 608521

    10. Seletar Mall

    At the Junction of Sengkang West Avenue and Fernvale Road, the Seletar Mall is associated to the LRT station and Sengkang bus exchange. The 188,000 sq ft mall has six retail business levels and 384 parking lots. Sengkang residents offer entertainment, dining, fashion and retail choices to customers. It was opened on 28th November, 2014, and you can visit Seletar Mall during 10am to 10pm daily at 33 Sengkang West Avenue. For the entertainment of visitors, the mall has Shaw Theaters, female fitness buffs, and boutique spa.

    Address: 33 Sengkang W Avenue, Singapore 797653
    Phone: +65 6341 6252

    These are some of the new shopping mall in Singapore. If you want to recommend a mall or share your experience then please do so by adding comments below.

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    Best 5 Halal Food Deliveries in Singapore

    Halal Food Deliveries in Singapore

    Halal Food Deliveries in SingaporeSingapore is a diverse country and inhabited by people from several ethnicities. Finding food that is compatible with you religious and personal preferences becomes hectic in a place like Singapore. A lot of Muslims like to plan their trips to Singapore, so that they can explore the beauty of this beautiful place as well as enjoy their time with their friends and families. Though, there are the best restaurants available in Singapore, but the Muslims usually look for the restaurants that serve Halal food for them. We have summed up best 5 halal food deliveries in Singapore for the Muslim visitors and dwellers.

    Halal Food Deliveries in Singapore


    Brinda restaurant provides one of the best halal food deliveries in Singapore. It is an Indian restaurant that serve hot, savoury, delicious, and freshly prepared vegetarian and non-veg dishes at your step. They deliver food Island wise 24/7 at your home, workplace, or another favourite spot. They have a wide range of menu for delivery that has north indian dishes like Rotis as Chapatis, Naans, Tandoori, and Kulchas. They deliver scrumptious vegetarian gravies for the people who prefer green over meat and palak paneer is their speciality. For the Muslims who are particularly meat lovers, Brinda’s brings Mutton Rogan Josh, Butter Chicken, Tikka Fish and Chicken and mouth-watering biryani with other north Indian non-veg cuisines. While visiting Singapore, the people can order any kind of food from Brinda’s anytime they want as they offer the Halal food for the Muslims.

    Address: 162 Bukit Merah Central #01-3533, Singapore 150162
    Phone: +65 6274 6327
    Catch them on their Facebook.

    So Pho

    When finding the halal restaurants, So Pho comes in the list of the halal food deliveries in Singapore as well. So Pho is a Halal-certified restaurant that chooses fresh ingredients to give the food its authenticity. Sho Pho serves cuisines made up with halal seafood, meat, and chicken. They do the best in whatever they cook. Sho Pho’s food is hygienic and delivered hot and fresh to your desired place.

    Address: 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-15, Singapore 556083
    Phone: +65 6636 8195
    Catch them on Facebook.

    Bokhara Biryani

    Muslims and Biryani are inseparable from each other, particularly when they are South Asian Muslims. Wherever they go, Muslims set out on Biryani quest. This is the dish that is equally loved by other ethnicities, especially Indians and Pakistanis. There are several shades of biryani and Bokhara Biryani is master at it. Bokhara Biryani and Kebab is known for its spicy and delectable halal food delivery in Singapore. Their chefs are master at bringing you the lip-smacking biryani with the best herbs and spices and fresh ingredients.  In addition, you can also order to deliver other halal cuisines, like curries and kebab dishes.

    Address: 2 Owen Rd, #01-20 Fortuna Hotel Building, Singapore 218842
    Phone: +65 8399 7795
    Catch them on Facebook.

    Sarpino’s Pizzeria

    Pizza is a universally loved cuisine and Muslims face a hard time in search of a halal one. Though many international brands are serving halal pizza in the Island, but Sarpino’s Pizzeria keeps the best Asian taste in their flatbreads. Sarpino’s has the finest quality gourmet pizzas, variety of salads, succulent chicken wings, garlic breads, cheese bread, and beverages. Aloha, teriyaki chicken, and pepperoni pizza are their best amongst the rest. They deliver 24/7 at your step and they are just call away.

    Address: 9 Clover Way, Singapore 579081
    Phone: +65 6258 0600
    Catch them on Facebook.


    When it comes to finding the halal food in Singapore, Popeyes is actually one of the best halal food deliveries in Singapore. Started with the taste of Southern Fried Chicken, Popeyes has gotten its hands in an array of fried chicken and sea food cuisines. They have maintained a very good reputation in the market that attracts many people to order the food of their own choice from Popeyes on their visit to Singapore. Their chicken is juicy, scrumptious, crispy, and halal. You may order on their website or call them to get it delivered at your doorstep.

    Address: 61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-05/06, Singapore 569814
    Phone: +65 6456 6522
    Catch them on Facebook.

    Next time you visit Singapore, do not be worried about finding out a place with Halal food, and instead try our recommended halal food delivery services in Singapore and you will be more than delighted with the taste and services. If you want to recommend a service or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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    Best 5 Scuba Diving Companies in Singapore


    Scuba Diving Companies in Singapore

    Singapore is an Island, attracting  millions of people from around the world throughout the year. For scuba diving lovers, this is the right destination, due to the fact that this place does not only offer cheap holidays but also there are numerous scuba diving centers and schools in Singapore, providing the golden chance to the beginners and the expert divers to dive under the supervision of trained teachers. For the best 5 scuba diving companies in Singapore, read on our article below:

    Best 5 Scuba Diving Companies in Singapore

    Some of the best companies for scuba diving companies in Singapore  are summarized below so that the people can get hold of those and enjoy their holidays to its fullest.

    The Dive Company

    Located in the heart of Singapore, the dive company is a full service PADI 5 star dive center. It provides numerous activities for the people. These include scuba diving courses, dive trips and live boards, throughout South East Asia. In addition to this it also provides sales of dive equipment and best services for its customers.

    Its internationally mixed dive crew is highly skilled as well as qualified for all fully certified in emergency situations. Moreover the dive company believes in quality. They have no hidden charges and their prices are all inclusive of taxes any other tax being clearly stated. Due to this the Dive Company is a famous and  highly recommended for scuba diving lovers in Singapore.

    Address: 761A N Bridge Rd, Singapore 198729
    Phone: +65 6396 0946
    Facebook: The Dive Company

    Deep Blue Scuba

    This company is the one stop shop for all the diving needs as they offer training and scuba equipment rental services. They provide numerous dive courses for beginners. These include the PADI open water dive course the PADI advanced open water dive and the PADI rescue dive. All these courses are given by friendly and knowledgeable coaches for you to experience the world class diving experience.

    The diving destinations that they offer covers Maldives, beautiful islands of the Philippines along with some of the popular destinations from Malaysia and Indonesia. They are being located at South bridge Road where they also conduct theory classes. The diving trips are pre-planned whose details are regularly updated on their website.

    Address: 74 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058704
    Phone:+65 6557 2705
    Facebook: Deep Blue Scuba

    Amazing Dive

    It is a 5 star dive center which is highly known for its safety standards and experienced and professionalized staff. Our list of best 5 scuba diving companies in Singapore would never be completed without this company. The safety standard at Amazing Dive is  enforced by their senior instructors is what differentiates  them from the rest.

    With a 13 year history of dive operations in Singapore, the amazing dive is popular for its open water dive courses because customers leave excellent reviews about their quality as well as  about their high confidence levels.

    Address: 465 Crawford Ln, Singapore 190465
    Phone:+65 6683 6123
    Facebook: Amazing Dive

    Gill Divers

    It is one of those diving centers, which have got PADI 5 stars and therefore have become the biggest scuba diver agency in Singapore. Gill divers strives to give maximum entertainment to their customers as well maintain safety standards. They also offer different courses, whether it is non-divers who enjoy PADI open water or the advanced for the experts.

    They have a partnership with PADI ensuring that they can travel across the world experiencing great adventures along. Gill divers also have a shop in Singapore which offers a wide range of quality diving equipment for divers. Alongside, they also deal in dive travel in which they take their clients to exotic places around the Asia.

    Address: 37 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059676
    Phone:+65 6734 9373
    Facebook: Gill Divers

    Orpheus Dive

    Orpheus Dive is one of the best 5 scuba diving companies in  Singapore that has served more than 5000 certified divers, thereby becoming one of the complete package dive centers in Singapore. Apart from scuba diving they also deal in liveaboard diving, making them different to their competitors. First aid, CPR and Servicing to the diving equipment is also their expertise.

    It is the first PADI TechRec center offering all levels of Tec programs. Moreover, their scuba shop in Singapore has added snorkeling equipment for both adults and children, which is a distinctive feature of them.

    Address: 16 Zion Rd, Singapore 247733
    Phone:+65 6887 3631
    Facebook: Orpheus Dive

    These are some of recommended names for Scuba Diving in Singapore. If you want to recommend a service or share your experience, please do so by adding comments below.

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    Best 5 Ice Cream Cakes in Singapore for every Occasion


    ice cream cakes in Singapore

    Ice cream cake… umm. Now days, throughout the world, people enjoy their favorite flavors of ice cream or ice cream cakes; either it is summer or winters to quench their sweet tooth. It  has been reported that the ice cream cakes are being sold like hot cake in Singapore and other parts of the world, meanwhile they are replacing the traditional breakfast norm. However, the likeness is not evenly distributed everywhere.

    For those who are liking the taste and wants to enjoy cold ice-cream with a variety of flavors, we have reviewed shops for the best ice cream cakes in Singapore below.

    Ice Cream Cakes in Singapore

    For the ice cream cake lovers, we have outlined some of the best shops selling yummy ice cream cakes in Singapore.

    1. Ben & Jerry’s Cakes

    It offers the best traditional dairy ice cream cakes in Singapore. They have paired the best cake flavors to provide their customers the yummiest ice cream cake. These cakes are offered for every kind of occasion ranging from birthday cakes, to marriage or anniversary day to make it a memorable one.

    Generally two flavors of ice cream are used to make this cake. The base of the cake is made by brownie layer. Afterwards, it is layered with an ice cream layer, followed by cookie chocolate crumbs and finally topped with another layer of ice cream. Besides this, there are numerous sizes available to cater the need of a few individual as well as for a  large group of people (2-40 individuals).

    Their most popular and demanded ice cream cake flavors are Vanilla, Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

    Running out of time and you have to buy a customized cake, do try visiting their outlet and getting your thing done in no time. The best thing is they also offer cakes that are dairy free, nut free, and gluten free catering specific customer needs. The lead time for a customised cake order is almost 24 hours, however some ready made cakes are already available at their outlets to cater random occasion.

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    Address: 8 Dempsey Rd #01-14, Singapore 247696
    Phone:+65 6473 3231
    They have a cool Facebook Page

    2. Maggiemoos

    This award winning dairy ice cream store in Singapore provides a variety of traditional dairy items with lots of flavors  ranging from ice creams to milkshakes and smoothies to cakes. Therefore, it is a good option for those who are looking to stop and shop. They have a seating arrangement too inside their outlets where you can enjoy the desserts.

    The exciting thing for those looking for ice cream flavors is the mix-ins so you can experiment and tries a lot of flavors in just a cake. However the ice cream list varies from normal dairy flavor of ice cream to low fat yogurt till sugar free and sorbets flavors. Like other chains, they are offering their cakes to order online and provides cake delivery in Singapore as well. The best thing is the serving size that ranges from small serving as in cupcakes to cakes of different sizes and weight.

    Some of their best flavors are cookie jar chaos, peanut butter chocolate brownie overload, Savannah banana fudge, mint chocolate meltdown, strawberry shortcake and visit to the candy shop. The best thing is that their cakes are always very attractive, eye catching and artistically decorated cakes which drools the consumer to always grab one for their occasion. Besides, they always welcome customers that are new and willing to try new flavors.

    In this same range, they have offered their tempting Ice cream pizza, which is inspired by the Italian cuisine and represents the delicious dessert. However, its always the flavors and the add ins to which consumers are inclined.

    Address:1 Maritime Square, Harbourfront Centre #10-27 Singapore 099253
    Phone: +65 3157 3398
    Visit their Facebook Page

    3. Haagen-Dazs

    Haagen-Dazs always aims to provide you the sweetest treat for your celebrations for any occasion. The theme of their ice cream cake in Singapore has been yet traditional, but both simple and complex, and they are always packed with unexpected surprises of flavors. Its offered flavors are always indulgent. Each cake is designed with their specific and most demanded flavors or you can create it as per choice.

    Some of the best ice cream cake flavors in Singapore are caramel drizzle, chocolate drizzle, all occasions, birthday, chocolate heart, chocolate cookie crunch, confetti, chocolate mocha & others. Besides Rose Whisper, Soleil, Chocolate Curl, Paris Night and Buche Alfonsoa are the new cake entry to the existing list.

    Address: Junction 8, Singapore 579837
    Phone:+65 6255 4839
    Find their Facebook Page here

    4. Island Creamery

    This premium handmade ice-cream originated in Singapore in 2003, is full of local flavors, and is identified as the best ice cream outlet of US now. The best thing about their ice cream in Singapore is that the flavors do not get lost in the strong dairy flavor and so is the case of the ice cream cakes. They have a seating arrangement  in  their outlet also so that people can enjoy the ice cream on the spot. Similar to the other chains of ice creams they offer customized cakes for various occasions specially catering the children’s cakes like cartoon characters or to wish the elderly people. The details are provided on the website too to cater the specific needs of clients.

    The best thing about ice cream cakes in Singapore is that they are handmade.  It is also claimed that their ice cream is free from any artificial colors, preservatives, or flavorings. The competitive advantage to Island Creamery is that they know the local native taste of Singaporeans which they have inculcated in their cakes like pulut hitam and pineapple tart. Besides, they also offer a wide range of American-style cakes. Also, they have priced their cakes average and less than the multinational chains to penetrate the local market.

    Address: 10 Jalan Serene, Singapore 258748
    Phone:+65 6468 8859
    Find them on Facebook

    5. Andersens

    It is a Danish chain offering ice cream spot for cold desert lovers in Singapore. They also have a variety of ice cream cakes different in price and weight, and for different occasion like wedding, valentine day, birthdays, friends get together. Their ice cream cake range differs from traditional ice cream cakes (chocolate and vanillas) to punch of fruity cakes like banana punch, strawberry delight, sunshine mango  and mint cake (refresh me) which are actually their signature cakes.

    Address: 109 North Bridge Road, Funan, Singapore 179097
    Phone:+65 6339 2757
    Visit their Facebook Page here

    These are some of recommended names for ice cream cakes in Singapore. If you want to recommend an outlet providing ice cream cake, please add comments below. For deals & coupons, you can checkout Streetdeal Singapore.

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    5 Expat Career Ideas in Singapore You Might Not Have Considered but Should

    SG Career Ideas

    SG Career Ideas

    Some people know what they want to do as a career from a very young age and will not stop working until they reach the very top. However, others will constantly hop from one profession to another, desperately seeking job satisfaction and impressive remuneration at the same time.

    If this sounds familiar or you simply feel like a change, here are 5 career ideas you might not have considered but should due to the fulfillment and salaries they can potentially provide.

    1. CFD trader

    If you have always liked the idea of buying and selling stocks and shares but are concerned about the risks involved, consider starting off with CFD trading. This is a leveraged product, which means you only have to put down a small deposit for a much larger market exposure.

    But in spite of its flexibility, CFD trading still requires a high level of risk management. For this reason, you will need to conduct plenty of research, never add to losing trades, understand risk versus reward, and use logic not emotion. It can be fast paced, exciting and rewarding – a good combination.

    2. Tutor

    Don’t assume that teaching as a profession has to be limited to school classrooms or university lecture theatres. After all, you can pass on your knowledge and expertise by being a tutor instead. These can be skills gained during previous employment or your adeptness at pastimes and interests such as playing a musical instrument.

    One of the best parts about being a tutor is that you can work as much or as little as you want and dictate your own rates of pay. However, it might take a bit of time to get going and build up a client base.

    3. Social media manager

    Are you one of the 2 billion people in the world with an active social media account? Are you addicted to Facebook, can’t get enough of Twitter, or constantly swipe down Instagram to view new posts? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, you might be particularly well suited to a career in social media management.

    As you would expect, this is quite a high demand profession and will require some sort of marketing qualification to secure employment. But the popularity of social media means that there will always be new positions opening up in the future. It’s an ever-changing world with new opportunities opening up all of the time.

    4. Small business owner

    Setting up your own business isn’t easy and you will need to dedicate an enormous amount of time, effort, money, and resources to the cause, but an increasing number of people are recognising the benefits that self-employment brings.

    Pick an industry you have an interest in or knowledge about, carry out market research to discover what customers want or need, and start to develop prototype products or a sample of your services to see whether the business could work. It’s hard work but the freedom of being your own boss will be worth the effort.

    5. Temp worker

    Those looking for job security should probably steer clear of temporary work. However, this option enables you to try out various lines of work and walks of life without having to commit. There is every chance you will stumble across a profession you really enjoy too.

    Furthermore, you will build up a valuable list of contacts to call upon in the future and make untold friends along the way too. This also allows you to be flexible should you need to fit work around your personal arrangements.

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    Chinese New Year Gift Hampers in Singapore Shopping Guide

    chinese new year gift hampers in singapore

    chinese new year gift hampers in singaporeSingapore is known for its grand celebration to welcome Chinese New Year all over the world. These celebrations last for 15 days here. A large number of events are organized across the country and people are found joyously celebrating the festive season.  Any event is incomplete without the sweet delights and special Chinese New Year cookies, however, gifts are also exchanged between families and friends, as a sign of gratitude.

    As per the Chinese norms, it is believed that you don’t have to buy something really very expensive or lavish as a gift in Singapore. Just a food or drink with some fancy decoration is perfect. You just have to keep in mind that you pack the gifts in a red and gold bag or box, because, these colors are considered fortunate. However, things have changed a bit and people tend to buy Chinese New Year gift hampers in Singapore, which includes a number of things in one pack.

    Where to Buy Chinese New Year Gift Hampers in Singapore?

    Usually you must have noticed that gift hampers contain food items and drinks. Today gift hampers have more stuff like a basket filled with food items, wine, chocolates, perfumes, stole and etc. But, if you are a tourist there or even local and don’t know from where to get perfect Chinese New Year gift hampers in Singapore, then worry no more. Here is a short guide from where you can easily purchase the best one:

    • Angelflorist

    Angelflorist is a well-recognized in the entire Singapore, serving everyone with high-quality flowers, gift items and hampers since 1999. They are delivering flowers in Singapore and hampers on your doorstep. Angelflorist is the most reliable place to shop for Chinese New Year gift hampers in Singapore, so celebrate the festive season with abundance and blessings. Spread happiness with its premium quality Chinese New Year gifts.

    You shall find the best gift hampers at very reasonable prices at Angelflorist within the range of $99 to $300. You can shop for its wide collection of Ever Green Tower Hampers, Orange Baskets or Festive Hampers. They offer Free same day delivery and accept payment via MasterCard and Visa card. You can view the available variety of flowers, hampers and other delights online at: www.cny.angelflorist.com and place your order too. Send it to your loved ones easily and surprise them with your special gift hampers.

    For CNY hampers, email to: hamper@angelflorist.com
    Address: 8 Admiralty Street, #05-16 Admirax, Singapore 757438
    Phone: +65 6908 1788


    • Humming Flowers & Gifts Pte Ltd.

    Humming Flowers & Gifts is one of the most prominent online flower and gift shop in Singapore. They are extremely expert in providing customized flowers and gifts as per the requirements of customers and according to the occasion.

    For the most optimum and outclass Chinese New Year gift hampers in Singapore, you can completely trust on its products as well as services. To add more sweetness to the auspicious occasion, you can pick from its finest selection of festive favorites, which has been packed in a lavish and beautiful red oriental box. Also, you can pick from its celebration bundles to send well wishes to your loved ones or to your colleagues, as a symbol of good fortune. The celebration bundles include traditional delicacies as per the occasion.

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    Furthermore, Humming has introduced a number of beautifully packed bundles of gifts, which are perfect for gifting in this festive season. There are different bundles having flowers, oranges or a mix of different stuff, starting from $60. You can view them and order online at: www.hummings.com. Payment is accepted by MasterCard, Visa card, American Express and Discover.

    Physical address: 21 Ubi Road 1 #04-02 Singapore 408724
    Phone: +65 6844 2222
    Email: online@humming.com.sg

    • Noel Gifts International

    Since 1975, Noel Gifts International Ltd is providing premium quality services and products, i.e. gifts, hampers and flowers to its customers in Singapore. It has years of experience in fulfilling the requirements of different customers as per their occasion or event.  For consecutive 3 years 2010 to 2012 Noel has received the Singapore Prestige Brand Award and various other others awards for its outclass products and services. Apart from Singapore, they also ship to international customers.

    The Noel online store has a wide variety of options that are essential to add more charm and value to your occasions. For this Chinese New Year as well, they have introduced gift baskets, gift hampers and flowers and gifts, all beautifully packed to spread joy and smiles on this festive season. You can also avail their Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer on their online store. Simply visit www.noelgifts.com and browse their products to place your order online. Noel accepts payments via PayPal, Visa Car, MasterCard and ENETS.

    • Wonderful Flora

    For more than 28 years, Wonderful Flora are fulfilling the requirements of its customers as per their special events. You can rely on them for sending gifts, hampers and flowers to your loved ones. Their excellent customer service has played a major role in its success. Wonderful Flora have more than 100 products, which includes a broad range of chocolates, flowers, gift items and hampers. They are delivering flowers to 25+ countries across the globe, through its affiliated florists. They have a strong clientele outside Singapore as well and they are delivering internationally the same premium quality gifts, hampers and flowers.

    A wide variety of Chinese New Year gift hampers in Singapore can be found at Wonderful Flora online store. You shall find some best combos of stuff on their website, very beautifully packed for this special occasion. Place your order online at www.wonderfulflora.com and share the happiness of the New Year with friends, family and of course with your loved ones.

    Physical address: 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159455
    Phone: +65 6224 0082

    • Sunshine Hampers and Florists

    Chinese New Year gift hampers in Singapore are best offered by another famous online store i.e. Sunshine Hampers and Florists. For more than 2 decades, they are providing great hampers and gifts for all sorts of events across Singapore and West Malaysia.  Their best customer services, quality products and guaranteed freshness of stuff has made it the preferred gift hamper online store.

    In order to share the happiness and joy of this festive season, Sunshine Hampers and Florists have introduced a great variety of Chinese New Year hampers. Have a look at them and place your order online at: www.sunshinehampers.sg 

    Payment is accepted via MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.

    Physical Address: 27 Mandai Estate, #01-04, Innovation Place Singapore 729931
    Phone: +65 6365 5033

    Hope this small guide for shopping Chinese New Year hampers will make your life easier. Your order is just a click away from you. Ordering online saves you time and keeps you astray from different hassles. Enjoy this festive season with great enthusiasm and share the joy and happiness.

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    Things to do in Chinatown Singapore for amazing experience

    things to do in Chinatown

    things to do in Chinatown SingaporeSingapore Chinatown is a traveler’s delight. The area is rich in history with a wide variety of shopping including electronics, locally made wares, art, craft and imported souvenirs. Apart from shopping, China Town also offers a wide array of dining options, spa services and massage services. For your convenience, we have compiled the best things to do in Chinatown Singapore in the list below.

    Things to do in Chinatown Singapore

    Below is our listing of best things to do in Chinatown, which has something for everyone.

    Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

    The temple building is ornate and well kept with beautiful examples of the art and artifacts of the Buddhist faith. There are 4 levels and a rooftop area with an outdoor garden and a huge ornate prayer wheel that is several metres tall. No photography is permitted on the level that houses the Buddha Tooth relic.

    Entry is free but you can make a donation. It is easily accessed by public transport, taxis or the Hop on/ Hop off buses that run frequently. This is a truly peaceful place and well worth a visit.

    Bath Culture Foot Therapy

    When you talk about awesome things to do in Chinatown, you can never ignore its vibrant and soothing Spas. Bath culture  is a popular spa in Chinatown.  Ambiance is quiet and beautiful. The music is soothing and the masseurs are highly professional. Best part about this spa is that you do not need an appointment at all. Prices are reasonable too. We highly rate this place in our things to do in Chinatown list.

    Chinatown Heritage Centre

    The Chinatown Heritage Centre opens daily from 9.00am-8.00pm and costs $10.00 per adult and $6.00 per child. This place is a blast to the past- full of memories and untold stories of yesteryear. Here you will witness the desperate hope of many migrants risking their lives to embark on an arduous journey, the underground practices of gambling, opium smoking, prostitution and secret societies. The galleries mix traditional artifacts with multimedia presentations, images and narrative clips that portray the struggles and successes of the Chinese migrants who settled in Singapore.

    Sri Mariamman Temple

    Our list of best things to do in Chinatown would never be completed without this place. This is one of the best Hindu temples in Singapore. It is located very near to the China Town MRT station. The deities here are beautiful and temple appeared to be very well maintained. And blissful during prayer timings. It is decorated with colorful Hindu, religious painting on the walls and ceilings.

    Tea Chapter: This tea shop has a very unique layout. Upon entering this neat tea shop, you are asked which type of ceremony you want. The choices are:
    a.    Japanese (sitting on the floor)
    b.    Korean (low tables)
    c.    Chinese (regular tables).

    To enjoy the tea ceremony, you go up a wooden staircase, leaving your shoes and sandals in a cupboard at the top. You can also choose what types of tea to sample. They have a guide who will explain to you what he was doing with the teas, benefits of each type and why people like them, how to brew tea properly and how to pour tea with just three fingers.

    Sago Street (Street Of The Dead)

    This street is also called the Street of the Dead because of its ‘death houses’.These were funeral parlors on the upper floors. The operators would also arrange the funeral services for the deceased on the ground floor. In1840’s, one could find a large number of brothels over here too. Towards the end of the twentieth century, the prostitutes abandoned the area. Sago Street then underwent a massive transformation. It is located in the heart of Chinatown, very close to a Buddhist temple. The road itself is very colorful, with terraced houses, countless stalls, fruit shops etc. This road is approximately 200 metres long. Bargaining can be done at really low prices.

    The Olde Cuban

    Situated on the second floor of a shophouse in Chinatown, this is a Cuban style bar. Inside you will find a range of vintage whiskey and a full range of specialty cigars. It has an impressive cigar and whiskey selection. The Olde Cuban is also the official home of Laphroaig Whisky.

    Thian Hock Keng Temple

    This temple was built by early Chinese immigrants to Singapore, dedicated to sea goddess Ma Chu. They built it to show their gratitude after surviving the long sea voyage. It is considered to be the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore. It was built in 1821 in a very simple style. However, the temple that stands today, was built a few decades later and is a masterpiece of stone columns, wooden carvings and tile mosaics. The unique attribute of the architecture is that it was built in the traditional south Chinese style, without any nails.This temple is truly an architectural wonder!

    We hope that you found our article interesting to read. If you are fond of shopping, you can also check our guide on shopping in Chinatown, Singapore.

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    Chinese New Year 2016 Celebrations in Singapore

    chinese new year 2016 Singapore

    chinese new year 2016 SingaporeThe Chinese calendar marks a highly significant every year, which is full of celebrations and fun, not only for the Chinese community alone, but for everyone seeking great indulgence in festivity. Chinese New Year, which is also known as Lunar New Year and Spring Festival, brings great celebration and vivid colors with sheer exuberance. People across the globe, have their eyes on the celebration of this event, which is greatly celebrated in Singapore every year. Chinese New Year 2016 celebrations in Singapore will again be filled with loads of fun and joy, as it has attracted tourists in great number from around the world.

    Chinese New Year 2016 celebrations in Singapore have started immensely and tourists from all over the world, are headed to Singapore, to be a part of the grand celebration. The festive mood begins 3 weeks before the Chinese New Year across Singapore, which are followed by seasonal markets, cheering colorful processions, people exchanging mandarin oranges which are basically a symbol of good luck, riotous lion dances and obviously the great feast of scrumptious special cuisines.

    Happenings of Chinese New Year 2016 Celebration in Singapore?

    Below are some of the most happening places and activities across Singapore for the celebration of the Chinese New Year 2016.

    • Visit the Famous Chinatown

    Chinatown Singapore presents a great view of the festive season. The market is extra lightened up with the décor and crowd, creating a festive ambiance. You should definitely visit this place, in this season. Also, you shall come across fire-eaters and lion dancers, performing at Kreta Ayer Square. This market, though, depicts a complete story of Chinese heritage, comprised of ancient and latest traditional shops, cool stuff stores, lifestyle shops and cafes.
    Shop for souvenirs on Pagoda Street here or buy the traditional Chinese medicine in South Bridge Road. Free Wi-Fi access is also available, so when you walk, shop or eat in Chinatown, you can keep on updating the fun-filled happenings in the surroundings on the social media. Click pictures and share with your friends and family. In the Chinese New Year 2016 celebrations in Singapore, Chinatown plays a vital role in increasing up the entire festive mood by organizing various events within.

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    Don’t forget to miss out the Chinatown Chinese New Year Countdown Party on 7th of February 2016 between 9.30pm to 12.30am at the New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Street. Festive Carnival on 9th of January – 7th of February 2016 between 11.00am – 10.30pm at Open Space in front of the People’s Park Complex.

    Have fun in Festive Street Bazaar from 15 January – 7 February 2016 between 6.00pm – 10.30pm and 6.00pm – 1.00am at the Chinese New Year’s Eve at the Pagoda Street, Smith Street, Sago Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street. Enjoy Night Stage Shows from 16 January – 7 February 2016 between 8.00pm – 10.30pm at the Kreta Ayer Square.

    For 8 years International Lion Dance Competition has been organized. Do come to enjoy the 9th International Lion Dance Competition on 23 & 24 January 2016 between 6.00pm – 11.00pm at Hong Lim Park. Have some scrumptious meal at the Mass Reunion Dinner which will be held on 31 January 2016 between 7.00pm – 10.00pm at Hong Lim Park.

    From 12 January – 7 February 2016, the Chinatown Wishing Tree event will be held in Chinatown Point between 11.00am – 9.00pm, so be there. Witness Harmony Night on 30 January 2016 between 6.30pm – 10.30pm at Hong Lim Park.

    You can also checkout things to do in Chinatown Singapore for more information.

    • Witness the Grand Celebration at the Formula One Pit Building by the Marina Bay Waterfront

    The Chingay Parade should not be missed out on the Chinese New Year 2016 celebrations in Singapore. This vibrant and colorful parade of Singapore’s multicultural heritage will be presented in the Formula One Pit Building by the Marina Bay Waterfront. The great festive mood can be witnessed greatly here, where people joyously enjoy the happenings around at the fullest. This version of Brazilian Mardi Gras has been organized to share the great joy with shining floats and amazing groups of jugglers, dancers, acrobats and percussionists. You shall a memorable time here on 19th – 20th February 2016.

    • Visit the River Hongbao

    The River Hongbao at the famous Floating Platform of Marina Bay Singapore and the Esplanade Waterfront Promenade is the hit venue of Chinese New Year Celebration in Singapore since 1986. This year the auspicious beginnings will be done at the same venue from 6th of February to 14th of February 2016. The locals and tourists both come here to enjoy the great happenings and to mark this event as one of their memorable days, they have ever spent throughout the year.

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    Have fun while watching and listening to opera performances, satisfy your hunger with festive delicacies available at the biggest outdoor Food Street in Singapore, give a try to Chinese calligraphy or simply gawk at the big handcrafted traditional lanterns, which are an important part of the décor at this cultural event. The amazing fireworks at the River Hongbao Opening Night and later at the Chinese New Year Eve Countdown Party, which symbolizes warm and enthusiastic welcome of the New Year.

    So, wear colorful and bright colors to be a part of the Chinese New Year 2016 Celebrations in Singapore and don’t forget to pack red scarlet paper packets with money and give them to children and young relatives. The Chinese New Year is welcomed every year in Singapore with great zest and zeal and the people around are seen with great hopes, joy and happiness on their faces.

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