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  • Colorful Lory Bird

    Feed lory bird in the world’s largest Lory Flight Aviary

    Lory Bird Feeding Highlights We all like to feed birds as it is fun especially for the younger kids. How does it sound to feed lory bird in the world’s largest man-made lory flight aviary? Not only that the aviary is 9 story high but it also gives a splendid 360 degree view of the […] More

  • Royal Ramble – The Home of Crowned Pigeon’s

    Royal Ramble Highlights The royal ramble is another great exhibit in Jurong Bird Park Singapore which showcase unique and beautiful crowned pigeons. You will be mesmerized by the sight of these pigeons as they are classy, colorful and a gorgeous crown on the head looks beautiful. Crowned Pigeon Family The crowned pigeons family mainly represent […] More

  • African Waterfall Aviary

    Second Largest Man Made Waterfall – African Waterfall Aviary

    Second Largest Man Made Waterfall Highlights I will not be wrong in saying that humans are inspired by nature and we create things which can be seen around us. You probably have seen a lot of man made waterfalls and indoor fountain. For those who don’t know, Jurong Bird Park is also home of second […] More

  • Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa Offers Singapore’s 360 Degree Panoramic View

    Singapore’s beauty can never be captivated in a single glimpse. You need days to explore every bit of this vibrant city. However; have you ever thought of catching Singapore’s 360 degree panoramic view? If yes, then mark Tiger Sky Tower Sentosa as your first destination on Singapore tour! Tiger Sky Tower Highlights The Tiger Sky […] More

  • Adventure Cove Water Park Singapore

    Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa Offers Variety of Water Themes

    Coming from a place with 70 degree Fahrenheit temperature, one might need a cooling break in hot weather of Singapore. Unfortunately, Singapore’s weather remains hot throughout the year. But fortunately, several water parks are there to soothe your muscles and prepare you for more entertaining trips with improved zeal and stamina. Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa is […] More

  • Festive Walk Sentosa

    Festive Walk Sentosa, 24 hours entertainment at RWS

    If you are in search of a place that never sleeps, then it’s time to step towards the strip of Festive Walk Sentosa in Singapore. You will find this strip opened twenty-four hours entertaining visitors from all ends of the world. It is located in the hub of adventure and entertainment Resorts World Sentosa. Festive […] More

  • marina bay light show

    Marina Bay Light, Water & Laser Show (WONDER FULL)

    Are you in Singapore and haven’t yet experienced the magic of Wonder Full? You are truly missing out the real fun. If you love the sky when it is filled with bubbles of all sizes and lights that are reflecting through them creating a mesmerizing environment, then a visit to Wonder Full- Marina Bay Light, […] More

  • Lake of Dreams Singapore

    Lake Of Dreams Singapore, The Musical Extravaganza of Water

    Fire, water and light – these three are poles apart and not really compatible with each other. But there is one place that brings all these three together at one spot and that is Lake Of Dreams Singapore near Festive Walk Sentosa. This amazing musical extravaganza is enough to make you forget all your exhaustion […] More

  • Marine Life Park Singapore

    Marine Life Park Singapore Ensures True Aquatic Adventures

    There is indeed another universe below us that is home to millions of species living there. Some people are scared of deep sea diving and therefore, they regret missing the quiet and serene life below the deep waters. Marine Life Park Singapore gives you a chance to visit the deep blue sea life without getting […] More

  • sentosa cable car

    Sentosa Cable Car in Singapore gives perfect view of Sentosa

    There are many attractions in Singapore that you might like to visit, but one attraction that is above all and is worth experiencing is Sentosa cable car ride in Singapore. This cable car ride ensures a panoramic view of Singapore from the sky’s height. Sentosa cable car ride provides you with a spectacular view of […] More

  • MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa – Thrill Everywhere

    If you are an adrenaline-junky who is not afraid of trying thrilling adventures and climbing extreme heights, then MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa is a place for you. Thrilling and electrifying rides of all kinds await you here. Once in MegaZip Adventure Park Sentosa, you won’t feel the need of going anywhere else for fun and […] More

  • Crane Dance Sentosa, A Tale of True Love in RWS

    At Crane Dance Sentosa in Resort World, a beautiful story of love is told through lights and water effects. If you are a first time visitor in Singapore, then you must not miss this visual treat. You will be awestruck watching two mechanical birds turning into real birds because of the love they share with […] More

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