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  • Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore

    The Maritime Experiential Museum Showcases the Jewels of Asian Maritime History

    If you want to learn Asian maritime history from 9th to 19th century in a few hours only, then there is no need to study mind-boggling encyclopaedias anymore. Plan a visit to the Maritime Experiential Museum and get everything under one single roof! Being one of the must-see destinations in Singapore, the Maritime Experiential Museum displays […] More

  • siingapor_flyer_01

    Singapore Flyer gives you the best view of Singapore

    The prodigy of Singapore Flyer can only be felt once you get to its highest point at 165 meters (541 ft) from the ground. With a bird’s view of whole of the Singapore and the borders of neighboring countries, it also offers you a sweet treat to adore Singaporean dimly lit dawn or dusk. With […] More

  • Group of Pelicans

    Meet Seven Pelican Species in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

    Apart from the fish, the water birds also add to the beauty of ponds and lakes. Pelican is one such large bird that swims over water as well as dives in the air. It has a long beak with a little deeper lower half to drain water as it swallows the prey seafood. Thus, Pelican […] More

  • Pair of penguins

    Camping with Birds in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

    Camping with Birds Highlights We have featured an article about camping in Singapore where we talk about 5 best places in Singapore for camping. Camping with birds is a unique outdoor activity which you can avail if you’re in Singapore, as Jurong Bird Park provides camping with birds activity for the visitors. Visiting a zoo […] More

  • Mandarin Duck Posing

    Colorful Mandarin Duck – The Most Beautiful Duck in the World

    Meet Colorful Mandarin Duck Nature has its own rules. It chose to make the male birds more attractive and striking than the females. The examples of peacock, male Mandarin Duck and the cock are a fact where their better halves –Peahen, female Mandarin Duck and the Hen – are quite less attractive. The case is […] More

  • Toco Toucan couple sitting together

    Meet Colorful Hornbills and Toucans in Bird Park Singapore

    Meet Colorful Hornbills and Toucans For the lovers of colorful and unique birds, Jurong Bird Park is the best place to visit in Asia. The place is home to hundred of species including Hornbills and Toucans. These birds can have length of a few inches to a couple of feet. Corn Horn Hornbill The Hornbill […] More

  • Girl carrying hawk on the hand

    Watch Hawks and Eagles in Action in Kings of the Skies Show

    If cats can ramp, why can’t the birds? At Jurong Bird Park you can catch Kings of the Skies Show where eagles and hawks present their skills to the visitors every day. The visitors can enjoy this unique show between 10 am to 4 pm. Kings of the Skies Show Preying is the instinct of […] More

  • Flamingo Pool in Jurong Bird Park

    Flamingo Pool in Bird Park Nurture & Breed Flamingo’s

    Flamingo Pool Highlights Flamingos are counted among the most beautiful birds. The administration of Singapore realizes the importance of its fauna and appreciates the beauty of birds. Thus, it takes care of its birds and cooperates with international organizations and agencies to breed birds specially flamingos. In the Flamingo Pool of the Jurong Bird Park, […] More

  • Flamingo Lake in Jurong Bird Park

    Flamingo Lake Invites You to Test Your Camera Skills

    Flamingo Lake in Jurong Bird Park Shining surface of the Flamingo Lake in Jurong Bird Park offers home to scores of flamingos. Most of the visitors to the bird park like to take pictures with the lake and the flock of flamingos in the background. The Flamingo Lake looks enchanting especially as the sun starts […] More

  • Double-Wattled Cassowary Dinosaur Birds can be seen in Jurong Bird Park

    Watch Dinosaur Birds in Dinosaur Descendants Exhibit

    What are Dinosaur Birds? Cute little parrots, sparrows and big fearful raptors are not the only ones to occupy Bird Park Singapore. There are some big dinosaur birds, big enough that they cannot fly. Yes, the bird park keeps some species of birds that are descendants of the dinosaurs. This corner of Jurong Bird Park […] More

  • Birds Breeding

    Birds Breeding in Singapore – Nourishing the Next generation of Birds

    Birds Breeding Highlights There are around four hundred species of birds in Singapore ranging from raptors to the ornamental birds. The Bird Park Singapore preserves, breeds and nourishes some bird species that are not found anywhere else in the country. Bird’s Rights Against the human primary rights of homes, hospitals and schools, the birds also […] More

  • Birds of Prey – Raptors in Singapore Fauna

    Birds of Prey Highlights It came as a shock initially that the birds of prey or the raptors can also be at risk. The global climatic change posed danger to the survival of all the living things, even predators. The Jurong Bird Park is home to birds and birds of prey like eagles, hawks and […] More

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