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  • Budget Souvenirs in Bugis Street Singapore

    Best Places to Buy Budget Souvenirs in Singapore

    Your visit to Singapore is incomplete without shopping, because the country is famous for the most vibrant shopping hub in Asia. The country always becomes the first preference of tourists, not for its attractive destinations, but to shop latest fashion items as well. While there are plenty of souvenirs & gifts to buy in Singapore, we […] More

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    Corporate Gifts Singapore – 10 Best Gift Ideas

    In the corporate world, just like in any other area of life, relationships are very significant. Having a friendly and pleasant relationship with your co-workers or business partners is something that can make or break the success of your occupational endeavors. Gift giving is one very popular option for establishing a positive relationship, as well as […] More

  • Bugis Singapore Shopping Guide

    Bugis Singapore Shopping Guide

    Bugis is a must-see for local and international shoppers alike in Singapore. Once the place where sailors, hawkers and transvestites came together for wild nights, this trendy shopping and entertainment center in Singapore, still maintains the feel of a traditional open market or bazaar with cobblestone streets and glass shelters as food hawkers cry out […] More

  • Singapore Tax Free Shopping Guide

    Singapore Tax Free Shopping Guide

    We have briefly discussed in Singapore shopping tips, how tourists can save on shopping in Singapore. In this guide, we will go through procedure & tips for tax free shopping in Singapore. This facility is only available for tourists visiting Singapore on a short trip. If you’re on a long visit pass or employment then […] More

  • Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Singapore

    Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Singapore

    Singapore is a nation enthusiastic for shopping, so you are 100% assured that wherever you go in Singapore, you will find shopping opportunities, adventures and challenges.  There are, however, some major districts dedicated explicitly to shopping. In the Central Area, you will find the shopping heart of Singapore that never seems to stop beating with […] More

  • famous-shopping-streets-and-roads-in-singapore

    Famous Shopping Streets & Roads in Singapore

    There are several main shopping streets in Singapore, each representing different ethnic groups and different shopping selections.   Arab Street and Kampong Glam Arab Street and Kampong Glam will transport you Muslim bazaars that probably haven’t changed in thousands of years except that you now can purchase, next to baskets of seasonal fruits, batik sarongs and […] More

  • singapore-shopping-tips

    Singapore Shopping Tips

    Shopping in Singapore is a unique experience and your shopping adventure will be much more satisfying and successful if you keep a few things in mind. If you need help or advice, visit the Singapore Visitors Center or your hotel concierge. To provide local and tourists with the world class shopping experience, shopping malls in Singapore […] More

  • The Great Singapore Sale

    Shopaholics take note!  Each year, the island nation of Singapore celebrates its favorite national pastime with an eight week long national sale.  This year’s event will run from May 29th through July 26th and will touch every merchandizing venue possible.  Stores stay open until midnight or even later, the sale prices are substantially lower than […] More

  • top 10 shopping malls in Singapore

    Top 10 Shopping Malls in Singapore

    Singapore’s dedication to shopping is legendary. Nowhere else on earth, with the possible exceptions of Champs Elysees in France and New York’s Manhattan, can shoppers find a greater variety of goods, services, and prices than in Singapore. To say a shopping mall qualifies to be counted in the list of top 10 shopping malls in Singapore is […] More

  • Top 5 Places for IT & Electronics Shopping in Singapore

    IT & Electronics Shopping in Singapore Singapore is synonymous with shopping and electronics, so it’s no wonder that there are many contenders for the top 5 rating among electronics shopping choices in Singapore.  Electronics can be found in every shopping mall, shopping centre and practically every store in Singapore.  However, as anyone who has shopped in […] More

  • singapore-department-stores-guide-1

    Singapore Department Stores Guide

    In a nation dedicated to shopping, there are a handful of powerhouses in the retail arena.  Each of them lays claim to quality merchandise, reasonable prices and excellent customer service. Below are few of Singapore famous Department Stores. Isetan Company is a famous Japanese department store with Singapore locations in Shaw House and Wisma Atria.  […] More

  • Singapore Hypermarkets Guide

    Western shoppers may not be familiar with the term “hypermarkets” but to the shoppers of Singapore, hypermarket means grocery shopping combined with department stores.  Hypermarkets are actually a daily part of American life, but under the name Wall-Mart Superstores.  The top hypermarkets of Singapore include Carrefour, Giant, Cold Storage, FairPrice and Jason’s, The Gourmet Grocer.  […] More

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