Ski 360 Singapore: A wakeboarding paradise

Tired of relaxing parks and dawdling daydreams? Want to get off your duff and do something totally unique? Then you’ve got to head to Ski 360 Singapore, a waterskiing, wakeboarding paradise.

Even if you’ve never water-skied before, anyone can have a go at Ski 360. That’s because, unlike traditional waterskiing where skiers are pulled along behind a boat, Ski 360 uses this cool cable to pull people around the water. The cable is set up around the periphery of the entire lake, a total of 650 m long, so there is lots of room to ski, flip, dive and dunk!

If you’re worried about safety, fear not. Ski 360’s cable method is super secure. It never goes faster than a typical speedboat, and generally ranges between a nice easy pace at 20km/hr to tummy tingling velocity above 55km/hr.

Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll often see savvy experienced cable skiers doing flying flips around the lake at Ski 360. So, if you’ve never cable skied before, you might opt to go during non-peak hours, like weekday afternoons. Luckily, Ski 360 is open from Monday to Friday 10am – 10pm and on the weekends, they open one hour earlier at 9am.

Ski 360 also offers some amenities like storage lockers, so you can stow your stuff while you brave the water, and they have an in-house rental center where you can hire wakeboards and other essential waterskiing gear. Additionally, there’s a tasty restaurant, the 360 Restaurant & Bar, where you can grab lunch or have a drink and watch other cable skiers splash around the lake.

For something really distinctive, you should try out night skiing! Between 7pm and close everyday, Ski 360 gears up for after-dark skiing! Have a go on the water under starry skies and feel the cool night breeze on your skin as you enjoy Singapore’s warm evening weather.

Ski 360 Singapore is located along the East Coast Parkway, just a few minutes from the East Coast Park Hawker Centre. Take Bus no. 197 or Bus no. 401 (weekends only) from Bedok Interchange. Rates start at S$32 per hour, and student and group discounts are available.

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