Five Essential Tips for your Singapore Trip

Five Essential Tips for your Singapore Trip

If you are planning a trip to Singapore soon and looking for a quick or start-up guide then you will find this article helpful. We have covered five essential & handy tips which will help you prepare for your Singapore trip. It is also important for you to know list of items not to carry in Singapore on your trip to make your journey safe.

1. Check the Visa Requirement First

Generally, you don’t need a visa to enter Singapore on holidays. Visitors from most countries can simply present their passports upon arrival at Singapore immigration and will receive a 30, 60, or 90-day entry stamp. Check with Singapore Immigration Visitor Services for further information about the specific requirements for your country.

2. What to Wear?

Singapore is the closest country in the world to the equator, so it is always hot and humid. The local dress code is very casual to accommodate the tropical climate; even businessmen usually forego a full suit for the cooler shirt-and-tie option. If you’re planning to eat at fancy restaurants, you’ll want to bring along some nicer options, but generally, go for lightweight fabrics, shorts and anything with an airy, comfortable fit.

3. Local Food

Singapore’s eclectic mix of cultures means that there is some divine cuisine to taste during your visit. Malay food is the indigenous to the region and very special, and you can also try Chinese, Indian or fusions of several styles. For a great sampling, go the former Telok Ayer Market, Lau Pa Sat, a large food hall and street hawker market.

4. Getting Around

Singapore is an extremely metropolitan city with numerous transport options. The best way to see the city is via the MRT, Singapore’s ultra-modern light rail system, which will take you all around the city and throughout the Island.

Be sure to save the white disembarkation card from immigration, or proof of entry over land to be able to purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass for the SMRT. This pass will allow you to take unlimited rides on all of the SMRT transport services, including MRT, LRT and all buses. SMRT Tourist Passes are available for purchase at the SMRT sales counter, starting from SGD$10/day.

There is also SMRT station at the Changi Airport as well which will take you to the city in less then hour time. This is favorite mode of commute for locals and expats working in Singapore, so expect train to be crowded early in the morning (7am – 9am) and evening (5pm – 7pm).

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5. Nightlife

Though Singapore is truly a city of business during the day, at night it transforms into a tie-loosened buzzing hub of bars, clubs and restaurants. There are several areas of Singapore where you can find some night time fun, from quiet, laid back pubs to jumping discos. For a multi-faceted evening adventure, head to Boat Quay and Clark Quay, areas where you can get cold beers, dine along the riverside, take a boat cruise or even try out some night time adventure sports or ride the ferris wheel.

Orchard Road also has an excellent selection of bars and clubs. You can also check out Muhammad Sultan Road which hosts number of bars, pubs and nightclubs.

If you’re into dancing, you have to check out the Zouk Club, which is perhaps the most well-known dance club in the city. Located at 17 Jiak Kim Street, Zouk Club has been compared to the hottest clubs in Europe, and they boast seven in-house DJ’s – one for every night of the week.

Photo Credit: William Cho

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