5 Best Singapore Hotels Rooftop Infinity Pools

Singapore’s skyline is world famous and its magnificent skyscrapers – easily recognizable. Nevertheless, most people are only able to marvel at it from down below with a deep sigh, wishing they would have the chance to reach out to the sky from the top of one of those breathtaking buildings.  However, if you are lucky enough, you could do something even better – enjoy from one the famous rooftop pools in Singapore.

There is no greater pleasure than relaxing in the serene waters of a sky-high swimming pool, after spending a worthwhile day of roaming Singapore’s streets, sightseeing, shopping or conducting important business. If you are in Singapore on a romantic getaway, a rooftop infinity pool is definitely something to include in your itinerary, that is, if your goal is to completely enchant your loved one.

During the day, you can observe the city in great detail while doing a lap or two, or just having a soak for the fun of it. The night time, on the other hand, offers a heart-stopping view of the brightly lit megapolis, which will blend perfectly with the built-in lights of your rooftop pool of choice.

Best Rooftop Infinity Pools in Singapore

Even though Singapore offers a wide range of skyscraper pools, we have selected the five most exquisite ones for you to pick from.

5. Hilton Hotel Rooftop Pool Singapore

Hilton Hotel Rooftop Pool Singapore
Courtesy of Hilton Hotel Singapore

The Hilton Singapore hotel is located on Orchard Road, overlooking a small park. It is near the Far East Shopping Centre, so you could unite a day of shopping with a relaxing pool session. From the outside, you will notice the classical Hilton design of the building, coupled with large, decorative, gold-colored panels at the entrance.

The 12-metre rooftop pool in Hilton Singapore, which is in close proximity to the fitness, shopping and dining facilities, is on the top floor of the hotel and is open to visitors from 7am to 8pm. As most good pools do, it comes with a bar, offering a wide variety of beverages that enhance your glamorous rooftop experience. Most pool visitors are especially taken with the night swimming opportunities that it provides. This rooftop pool is an especially good choice for those who enjoy the classics and are looking for luxury on the affordable side.

4. The Fullerton Bay Hotel Rooftop Pool

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Rooftop Pool in Singapore
Image Credit: William Choo

The Fullerton Bay Hotel is located on Collyer Quay, right off of Fullerton Road.When you first see the building, you will surely take a notice of its clean and classical silhouette, complemented by a water fountain. The inside not only matches the outside, but adds a marvelous touch of luxuriousness with its enormous crystal chandeliers, crystal motives on the walls and a tastefully chosen color pallet.

The most deluxe part of the building, however, is most certainly its rooftop swimming pool. It is surrounded by well-groomed rainforest vegetation and alcoves covered in delicate white drapery, which will make you feel as though you are in a tropical paradise, right in the middle of busy Singapore. What is more, the pool overlooks not only the city’s urban landscape, but also the Singapore River. After sunset the pool area turns into a lively, brightly lit bar, where you can enjoy signature drinks while relaxing in the water. There are also hot tubs to complement the experience. Even though this rooftop pool is simply stunning, it loses points for being a bit on the small side.

3. Naumi Hotel Rooftop Infinity Pool

Naumi Hotel Singapore rooftop pool
Courtesy of Augustman

This luxury boutique hotel is located on Seah Street. Even though the hotel is relatively small, compared to the rest of the list, its façade will certainly incline any passer-by to stop and admire it for a while, as its walls integrate live plants fixed on meshes. The entire hotel coincides with this natural, earthly theme. This is especially noticeable at the outdoors rooftop infinity pool, which features cocoon-like chairs and chaise-longues in the form of huge leaves.

Provided you have tired of Singapore’s hustle and bustle, and would like to separate yourself from the chaos, without leaving the amazing atmosphere behind, this swimming pool is the ideal place to relax. Its serene waters will embrace you and make you feel as though you have found a magical haven in the middle of the megapolis. Even though the pool is located only on the 10th floor (as the hotel is not a very tall one), it provides a wonderful skyline view, especially because of the fact that it is an infinity pool.

2. The Rooftop Pool in Westin Hotel Singapore

Westin Hotel rooftop pool in Singapore
Courtesy of Westin Hotel Singapore

The building is on Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2. This truly breathtaking hotel is exactly what you would imagine when hearing the word “skyscraper”. Its façade is grand and humbling and it literally resembles a stairway to heaven, with a rooftop that grazes the clouds. The said rooftop is where the hotel’s most valuable treasure is hidden – it’s outdoor swimming pool. It is an infinity pool, featuring a garden with a few trees, which serves to add a natural and serene feel to your sky-high experience. In addition, the top part of the building contributes to the feeling of vastness, as it has mirror walls which reflect the clouds and give you the impression of being on top of the world.

If you have decided to have a splendidly luxurious stay and splurge for the executive lounge of the hotel, you will also be rewarded with a stunning view of the pool and will not be able to resist having a long soak in its clear waters overlooking the majestic megapolis. As this rooftop swimming pool is quite large, it is perfectly suited not only for those who enjoy simply relaxing in the water, but also for tourists who have a passion for exercising, as it provides an excellent opportunity for swimming laps.

1. Marina Bay Sands Resort  Skypark Infinity Pool 

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Infinity Pool
Courtesy of luxury homes

This luxury resort is located on Bayfront Avenue, in close proximity to The Gems Garden, which means that you would have the perfect opportunity for a sense-stimulating vacation. This is, by far, Singapore’s most famous hotel, as well as one of the most distinctive buildings in the skyline of the megapolis and rightfully so. The building is in the shape of three large towers, connected by a ship-like formation that has “landed” on top of them. The top part, which is also the 57th floor, is called the Skypark and is the crown jewel of the hotel.

It holds the Singapore famous and largest infinity swimming pool, a restaurant and a small palm tree forest. The pool’s 150-meter vanishing edge is not for the faint of heart, but certainly provides the most mesmerizing view over the whole of Singapore. This pool has something to offer for everyone. You will definitely enjoy yourself immensely whether your passion is doing vigorous laps, relaxing in one of the comfortable chaise-lounges placed right in the water, admiring the majestic view from the very edge or simply sipping a tasty cocktail while having a soak. Due to the pool’s vast popularity, you will seldom find yourself to be the only one enjoying the facilities, however, you can be sure that the experience is worth having to put up with a bit more people.

Although the Fullerton Hotel swimming pool did not make this list, it is worth mentioning because of its exceptional design. It is a famous heritage hotel in Singapore, where you will feel as though you have been transported back to the glamorous times of cabarets. The captivating Singapore River is located in close proximity to the hotel and while in the pool, you will feel as though you are actually swimming in the river, as the water in the pool seems to be running downwards.

No matter which rooftop pools in Singapore you chose you will certainly have the time of your life, admiring Singapore from the sky. If you have been to any of the rooftop pools in Singapore and would like to share your experience with us, please do so by adding comments below.

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