Mandai Orchard Garden, Swim through the Colorful Sea of Plants

Mandai Orchard Garden Highlights

Singapore is said to be an independent nation nesting an island with an area of 57,000 hectares, with a degree north of the equator. It is situated at the southern point of the Asian continent particularly between the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia.With the status of being duty-free; there exists a wide variety of quality goods – from antiques to fruits; Singapore is truly a hopper’s and shopper’s kingdom.

What is Mandai Orchard Garden?

The Mandai Orchard Garden is situated in the luxurious forested calm area of Mandai Lake Road. The garden promotes a fine anthology of the myriads of orchids in open air. This is also a place for horticultural interest in Singapore.

Covering two hectares of the Vintage Garden, Mandai Orchard Garden showcases a wide array of orchids on a free hillside with the gradual gradient giving a needed condition for the cultivation of orchids. Over 200 varieties of orchids will be seen coming from the familiar families namely Mokara, Vanda, Aranthera and Dendrobium.

Water Garden

There exist a tiny pouches in Singapore where Man and Nature have co existed in harmony and peace. One pouch is the critically acclaimed Water Garden.  The Water Garden was constructed on slender marshland in the 1950’s. It has been created in accord with environment to be enjoyed by all who are visiting. The landscape has been aesthetically and artistically constructed to emerge natural with an unambiguous stream running through it.

The water garden is uniquely positioned and is considered s an escapade to serenity and calmness. This is the perfect place to study sun birds. This is a phenomenal location for one to witness the different species of sun birds seeking out the magic of the garden and enjoying the environment.

Fresh Herbs & Spices Sanctuary

Paving the concrete path to the end of the garden will take you to a netted sanctuary where a wide array of organic HERBS AND SPICES can be witnessed. Several Herbs and Spices like rosemary, mint, turmeric, basil, and dill are propagated in this sanctuary. Other plants like capsicum and chili can also be seen adjacent to the herbs. Diners at the garden restaurant can savor the fresh herbs and vegetable straight from the soil to their plates with a classy appealing setting.

Tropical Fruit Orchard can also be seen aside from orchids, herbs and spices. You can witness various kinds of fruit tress that are standing. Some of the examples are durian, Japanese apple, rambutan, papaya and the conventional banana trees.

Flora and Fauna

The Mandai Orchid Garden has other varieties of plants aside from orchids. They also exhibit bird life in the kingdom of orchids. The valley is abundant with a wide variety of tropical as well as subtropical plants aesthetically arrange to create a drama of color. It has become a sanctuary for rare birds that is rarely seen in Singapore.

Various types of forest birds like the spider hunter is a regular of the garden. The attractive sun birds and humming birds sing in symphony to add drama to the nature’s kingdom.

True enough, the Mandai Orchid Garden is a kingdom for serenity and peace. You can witness the live drama of birds and plants, with the flock of orchids as a major character. This place is a big drama that Singapore can be truly proud of.


Mandai Orchard Garden is located at 200 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729827.

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