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Singapore Holidays 2014 – Public holidays highlight of 2014

2014 Singapore Holidays Infographics

Singapore Holidays 2014 Highlights

Singapore Holidays 2014 outline scheduled public holidays in Singapore for the year 2014. As you all know, Singapore is a financial hub of Asia as well as home of the corporate world. The life in Singapore is quite fast and there are not much holidays as compare to other countries. However, Singapore observes holidays for most of the festivals and the full list of Singapore Holidays 2014 is listed below. So while planning your vacations for 2014, take a look at the holidays schedule below as it will help you plan your 2014 holidays better.

New Year’s Day – Wednesday 01 January, 2014
Start of the new year comes with the holiday so it is a good time to set your goals for the new year.

Chinese New Year – Friday 31 January, 2014 to Saturday 01 Feb, 2014
If you add Sunday to Chinese New Year holiday as well then you will have a three days long weekend. Certainly a good time to plan a trip abroad.

Good Friday – Friday 18 April, 2014
Good Friday fall itself on Friday and if you add the weekend then it surely gives you three days long holiday. Planning another trip maybe?

Labour Day – Thursday 01 May, 2014
If you plan to take a leave on Friday and if you add the weekend as well then you will have a four days long weekend. Probably a good advice if you’re an employee and probably a bad advice if you’re a ….

Vesak Day – Tuesday 13 May, 2014
It falls right in the middle so probably it is good to take a rest or visit any attraction in Singapore or catch something in the town.

Hari Raya Puasa – Monday 28 July, 2014
It comes right after the weekend so probably Friday is a good day for Muslims in Singapore to go back for a short trip to their home countries. So you will probably find air fare go high during Hari Raya.

National Day – Saturday 09 August, 2014
The National Day Singapore Holiday falls on Saturday and you would probably like to experience this holiday in Singapore. There is a lot much fun on the National Day including the famous Changi Parade, Fireworks, Air Show & more.

Hari Raya Haji – Sunday 05 October, 2014
Singapore government is kind enough to declare Monday 06 Oct, 2014 as a holiday in Singapore as Hari Raja Haji falls on Sunday. So probably another hike of airfare you will see if you’re planning a trip to Malaysia or Indonesia during this festive holiday.

Deepavali – Thursday 23 October, 2014
This holiday is being celebrated by the Indian Community in Singapore. It is a colorful festival so you’ll find great decoration all over Singapore especially in the Little India. Ministry of Manpower Singapore had declared a statement on their official website which is quoted below:

** Tentatively, Deepavali will fall on 23 October in 2014. This date will need to be reconfirmed against the Hindu Almanac when it is available. Should there be a change in the date, the Ministry of Manpower will issue a media release to announce the change accordingly.

So probably it’s not good to plan anything pricey during this holiday aside from a trip to Malaysia.

Christmas Day – Thursday 25 December, 2014
Christmas is the most celebrated holiday worldwide but there are not much Christmas Singapore Holidays. But who care when it is end of the year, right?

Overall, Singapore Holidays 2014 schedule is not that bad. There are a lot of long weekends so hope this guide will help you in a way. Do share with us your Singapore Holidays 2014 stories by adding your comment below.

Have a joyful and peaceful 2014!

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