Songs of the Sea Sentosa: A lively entertainment

Sentosa has rapidly become Singapore’s haven for entertainment and leisure fun. Up until 2007, the island was home to a rather uninteresting musical fountain, but luckily that was replaced with the pyrotechnic extravaganza that is Songs of the Sea Sentosa.

Songs of the Sea highlights

Songs of the Sea Sentosa was opened because of a growing need for wholesome evening entertainment on Sentosa Island and because, as always, Singapore is trying and succeeding to establish itself as a world tourism leader. The show was designed by ECA2, the same company that puts together shows for the Disney parks, Sea World, Universal Studios and many others. And the quality of design really shows through in the performance.

Songs of the Sea Sentosa is a multimedia show that brings together pyrotechnics, waterworks, live performances and digital presentations. It infuses some of the newest technologies, such as water screens, where digital images are projected onto screens created entirely of water. These water screens look remarkably similar to clouds, and create an awesome effect for the audience below.

Storyline of the show

The show follows a simple storyline. Li is a young singer who, one day while spending time at the seaside, has a vision of a lovely girl asleep. Li is so enchanted by this beauty that he, with the help of a zany cast of sea creatures, goes on a search and finds out that she is Princess Ami and is under the spell of a magical village.

Though the story’s devices may be simple, they serve as an excellent backdrop to promote the real star of the show: the effects. Water fountains shoot as high as 40 meters in the air and are cast into a dazzling array of colors through the use of digital lights. Water screens project Li’s visions of Princess Ami and the entire show culminates in a massive pyrotechnics show, including a full fireworks display.

One of the most unique things about Songs of the Sea Sentosa is that it is the only show of its kind permanently set in the ocean, meaning that nature provides a real backdrop and interacts with the show. The sets and equipment were designed to withstand high winds, tides and other weather phenomena that might occur along Siloso Beach, where the stage is located.

Songs of the Sea Sentosa Tickets Price, timings & directions

Tickets are remarkably cheap: just SGD $10, and there are two shows every evening, every single night of the year (including all holidays). Even still, the shows often sell out, so it’s best to get your tickets early from Sentosa Station (VivoCity Level 3), Imbiah Ticketing Counter or Beach Station, up to 14 days in advance.

The Show Timings

The shows themselves start at 7:40 pm and 8:40 pm every night and last 25 minutes.

How to get to Song of the Sea Sentosa

Songs of the Sea is serviced by Beach Station. You can arrive there via the Sentosa Bus, which leaves from Harbourfront Interchange, or the Sentosa Express from Vivo City.

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