Sentosa Luge and Skyride Singapore


Sentosa Luge and Skyride Singapore overview

Sentosa Luge and Skyride Singapore is an automatic-steering, gravity-driven three-wheel cart. Sentosa Luge and Skyride idea originated from New Zealand, The non motorized auto-cart allows the rider to speed down a hill over a course of more than half a kilometer ending at the Siloso Beach.

Cruise in a leisure fashion or if you prefer you can race down with your friend. This is a long paved curving track in a luge cart that is ultimately easy to maneuver. When you reach the end course scramble on to the chairlift for a ride on the tree top ride back to the starting point and ride it all over again. This is a total sheer fun for young and old.

The Skyride

This is also conventionally known as the chairlift ride. This is said to be one of the unforgettable experience in Sentosa. The skyride will definitely bring you on the top of the trees and greeneries.

The Luge

The Sentosa Luge is considered to be one of the seven attractions with the Imbiah Lookout division in Sentosa Island. The Sentosa Luge is a combination of Go-kart and toboggan. This luge is said to be the first attraction of its kind in Southeast Asia. This is a self driving car system in which riders control the speed by pushing a pair of handlebars back and forth.


  • The Skyride chairlift on Sentosa is basically just the same to a ski lift. It caters the visitor going on the top of a 12-storey high hilltop from where they ride gravity-driven carts downhill
  • Luge Carts are like go-karts but with a different braking mechanism
  • Opened Last September 2005 and is manage by Sentosa Luge Company
  • Those who have a phobia in height may find the chairlift a bit of scary because you are actually suspended on top of the beach floating 320m above the ground
  • Controlling the cart improperly may result into accidents; however luge ride is a thrilling course downhill

Safety Regulations

  • People who are under 80cm in height are not allowed to ride the chairlift
  • People who are under 135cm in height must be accompanied by an adult riding the chairlift
  • There is a safety bar and leg dividers that prevents passengers from sliding off the chairlift when it suddenly stops
  • A locking device protects anybody from raising the bar while in motion

Emergency Measures

  • If there would be a power failure, a backup diesel powered motor will be utilized to reprocess the ride
  • If the ride cannot be restarted or if people will get stranded more than our, a static evacuation will be executed by the employees. This involves removing of the passengers from their chairlift seats and transporting them with the use of crane or abseiling according to Mr. Lyndon Thomas, the general manager of Sentosa Luge
  • The process of abseiling is for the passengers to descend with the use of ropes
  • Rescue methods with the utilization of abseiling process are executed by employees

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