Second Largest Man Made Waterfall – African Waterfall Aviary

African Waterfall Aviary exhibit at Jurong Bird Park
African Waterfall Aviary exhibit at Jurong Bird Park

Second Largest Man Made Waterfall Highlights

I will not be wrong in saying that humans are inspired by nature and we create things which can be seen around us. You probably have seen a lot of man made waterfalls and indoor fountain. For those who don’t know, Jurong Bird Park is also home of second largest man made waterfall and walk-in aviary in the world. These two unique features of Jurong Bird Park can be seen in African Waterfall Aviary exhibit.

Jurong Falls

The man made waterfall also known as Jurong Falls is 30 metre tall (98 feet) and equivalent to 13 story high building. The water falls from the top at the rate of 140 litres per second and the splendid view of the waterfall can mesmerize the visitors. For those who are interested in panoramic view of the aviary, there are also two observation posts at the top of the man made waterfall.

Second largest man made waterfall in the world
Second largest man made waterfall in the world

African Waterfall Aviary

The African Waterfall Aviary covers 2 hectares of space (20,000 square metre) and 600 free flying birds can be seen here. You can also find African bird species and probably that’s the reason the exhibit is named African Waterfall Aviary.

You can also watch unique birds around this area including Turacos, Rollers, Parrots, Yellow billed Stork and Crested Guinea Fowls. There is also a 30 metre high suspension bridge which provides a perfect spot for photography as the second largest man made waterfall can be seen at the backdrop. The suspension bridge is also wheelchair accessible so everyone can go there.

What is largest man made waterfall?

The world largest man made waterfall is Cascata Delle Marmore. The waterfall is 165 metre (541 feet) tall and consists of 3 drops. The longest drop is about 83 metre. This unique waterfall is located in Italy (about 7.7 km from Terni).

What is the largest bird aviary?

The aviary is a big net or cage to held large number of birds and this is rather a debatable subject as what is the largest bird aviary in the world. Kuala Lumpur (KL) Bird Park claim to be the world largest bird aviary in the world as it is home of about 3000 birds. Jurong Bird Park surpass KL Bird Park (in number of birds & species) as number of birds are more then 5000. The aviaries in the KL bird park are interconnected and the biggest aviary in Jurong Bird Park is in the African Waterfall Aviary exhibit.

There are also other bird parks in the world which claim to have biggest bird aviary in the world. Please leave a commend below if you want to add to this conversation.

Man Made Waterfall Photos

Here is a great collection of man-made waterfalls photo collection from Terri Young’s board on Pinterest.

Follow Terri Young’s board Man made waterfalls on Pinterest.

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