Night Safari Singapore Zoo: Your Ultimate Night Entertainment

Night Safari Singapore Zoo is considered to be the world’s leading night zoo. The nightfall seizes action and spectacular revelation at this distinctive animal kingdom. With the use of unique illuminations, they seem to cater everyone during night time. Night Safari Singapore Zoo tenders visitors the matchless experience of exploring the wild in a tropical jungle at night. It mirrors the so-called “animal night life” that nobody can ever imagine. The interactive way of dealing with nocturnal animals, hearing the roar and great howls of the pack of hyenas, a close encounter with a rhinoceros and the whole gang of wildlife animals roaming around comprises the casting.

Various wild animals are given the liberty to wander around the park, making it interactive with visitors; thus, you will feel an uncanny but exhilarating experience while strolling through the trails. With all the wild animal sound orchestrating the jungle like the weird echo of crickets, humming of the night owls, the flock of the flying bats outlining a so-natural sonata of animal ensemble.

Overview of the theme park

The odyssey begins when darkness starts to fall. The jungle comes into life. Resided in a total of 40 acres of inferior jungle adjoining Singapore Zoo, this widely renowned Night safari Singapore Zoo introduces you to creatures where you never thought of getting near to. Touch a glimpse of these animals in their natural living surrounding. This is where you ride the tram; evidently intertwined through selected locations aimed to duplicate the natural setting of numerous being that is eminent from the Himalayans to the Rainforest of Southeast Asia. Following after that is a long thrilling walk through the jungle trails for a closer view of the wild. The newest spot is a scented trail surrounded with different kinds of flowers. There is a so-called fragrant walk linking the coach drop-off to the main entrance. The magical and mystical passageway is developed to augment the visitors with the touch of natural fragrance with the help of misting system. It is equipped to boost the setting together with nigh lights that supports the visibility blooms at night. It is like thousands of different fragrant plants is saying hello and welcoming you to the wonderful world of night escapade.

Dine and Unwind at the Night Safari Singapore Zoo

From American cuisines to the tropics and the mouth-watering native cuisines; everything is almost available in this dine location. Bongo Burgers is situated subsequently to the main entrance; there you see an open air dining place that offers western cuisine, with the tribal dance as an appetizer and a chance to get up close with the wild. With their specialty, gourmet burgers, makes it soothing to complement your hunger.

The park’s gigantic 600-seater restaurant, Ulu Ulu Restaurant, suggests an all-embracing favorite, both local and international manifested in an ethnic ambiance. It is like dining at an early age. With complements coming from the furniture and fixtures, reflecting the rustic era translated into modern life, with some of the wild animals chanting as a symphony of sound. Promoting their signature drink the Uluphant, derived from the restaurant’s name and elephant. It is a mixture of juices like lychee, pineapple, lime and some counts of vodka.

After a hefty dinner, take a lick at Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop. With the regular ice cream flavors, mixed and matched with the unique ones. It serves as refreshment for a long but overwhelming walk on the wild.

Shop the Night away at the Safari

Shopping is always an option even at the Night Safari Singapore Zoo. Grab a souvenir from the night zoo, Chawang, the cuddly elephant stuffed toy, T-shirts, jewelry box and storage, and figurines as well. There are also available wildlife characters such as giraffes, tigers, lions, etc.

Come and see the colorful gift shop named Anteater Abode. If you are looking for handicrafts, you can find good deals at the Village Craft. Another gift shop is at the list if you are in for some Glow in the Dark mania. Treat yourself with elegant hand-made jewelries made from any other indigenous materials. All products from Jungle Jewel are hand crafted especially designed to adorn ones habit of collecting.

If you want a total vacation touching every aspect from sight seeing to dining, go to this one-stop theme park and you won’t regret the experience. This is set to give total contentment to each and every visitor.

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