Lake Of Dreams Singapore, The Musical Extravaganza of Water

Lake of Dreams Singapore
Lake of Dreams Singapore: A musical extravaganza of fire, water & light.

Fire, water and light – these three are poles apart and not really compatible with each other. But there is one place that brings all these three together at one spot and that is Lake Of Dreams Singapore near Festive Walk Sentosa. This amazing musical extravaganza is enough to make you forget all your exhaustion and frustration that you have endured all day. Head towards Lake of Dreams Singapore and for ten minutes you will feel as if you are really watching a dream with an open eyes.

What to expect from Lake of Dreams Singapore?

Water Cannons

These are actually fountains that spray water on the sound of music. Just visit Lake of Dreams Singapore and you can enjoy this water dance on the beats of music that feels soothing.

No Thinking Involved

Unlike other shows in Singapore, this one really doesn’t involve any thinking. It offers a simple message that you will be able to interpret easily as the show will unfold. You can watch this show without churning your brain too much. Just grab your seat and relax your mind.

Fire Breathing Dragons

If your kids are fascinated by the tales of Chinese dragons then this is the perfect place to introduce them to these mystic creatures.

Lake of Dreams Singapore colors
You will witness lots of color in Lake of Dreams Singapore

Extravaganza of Colors

Lake of Dreams Singapore show can be referred to as one of the most colorful shows as it represents all elements of nature in their respective colors. They are represented so beautifully that you won’t even have to think that what they are representing. As the colors will change, you will understand that they are talking about elements of nature. And in the end, when these elements combine they give you a colorful and breathtakingly beautiful landscape.


Although, the whole show is animated and everything is electronically controlled, but even then you cannot help appreciating the beautiful choreography of the water and fire. The swirls and twirls beautifully make up your whole day.


  1. Best thing about this show is that it is designed by Jeremy Railton, who is known for winning four Emmy Awards. Knowing this makes it even more special.
  2. There are no admission charges so you can come and stop by to watch this show anytime you want.
  3. Its beautiful compositions of music have been found to produce positive impacts on moods and stress conditions. You don’t need a hypertension tablet in Singapore now.


  1. Try to come early as seats are only available at first come first serve basis.
  2. If you are accompanied by kids then bring some snacks for their munching.


The water and light extravaganza begins Daily at 9:30 PM.


12 Artillery Avenue, Festive Walk at Resorts World, Singapore.

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Photo Credits: CYS & Charlie Kwan

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