Fire Flies Health Farm Boosts Desire of Healthy Living in Singapore

Fire Flies Health Farm meets the true definition of healthy living. All the products are grown naturally here. The aim of developing such a farm is to motivate people to discover the benefits of natural living and put efforts to make the planet green and healthy.

Singapore offers all kinds of entertainment and amusements to its visitors and it makes sure that you enjoy everything to the fullest. However; sometimes you just want to go away from regular hustle and bustle of the city and your mood demands something peaceful and organic. Fire Flies Health Farm is one of the most peaceful and tranquil places in Singapore. Don’t be mistaken! This is not some kind of organic medical centre. It is a farm where every product is grown with a healthy perspective.

Fire Flies Health Farm Facts

1. No Contamination Allowed

Fire Flies Health Farm makes sure that it does not use harmful pesticides and insecticides to protect the fresh produce from the insects and pests. Instead, they focus on using more natural products like molasses and rock dust to ensure a safe and healthy produce. Chemical Fertilisers are also a BIG NO when it comes to increasing the produce. So all you get here is farm fresh produce with not even a slight hint of contamination in them. It offers a great escape not only from busy city life but artificial industrially grown foods as well.

2-    Variety of organic products

Fire Flies Health Farm produces wide range of green vegetables and fruits including some of those that are not easily available in Singapore. Fire Flies Health Farm produces vegetables like Kai-Lan, Chye Sim etc. While visiting this farm you will have ample of choice to select fruits and vegetables.

3. Guided Tour of The Farm

Fire Flies Health farm is open for everyone and you can visit it anytime you want. The Farm owners take pride in guiding the tourists to the farm’s hidden health diversities. While taking a tour around the farm, you can also purchase some fresh organic products. You can buy some fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables for friends and family. A complete tour from seed to plant will enrich your belief on natural lifestyle.


  1. There are no entry charges imposed by the owner, so you can visit it anytime you want.
  2. Guided Tours makes it a really worthy visit.
  3. It is indeed fascinating to watch vegetables and fruits growing in their natural habitat rather than in an artificial one.
  4. Children learn a lot about natural vegetable and fruit growth which encourages them to stay safe from industrial foods.

Handy Tips

  1. Visit this farm with your kids, they will not just take interest in how vegetables and fruits are grown but also they will learn the importance of organic produce that is completely safe from any contamination.
  2. On Sundays and Public Holidays, take Bus 925 from Kranji MRT Station and you will be directly transported to the farm. This will save your transport expenses.

Visiting hours & address

This farm can be visited daily from 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM. Farm remains open on Public Holidays as well.

Find this very rare farm at Lot 75 Lim Chu Kang Lane 2 Singapore 719842.

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