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Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa Offers Variety of Water Themes

Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa
An aerial view of Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa

Coming from a place with 70 degree Fahrenheit temperature, one might need a cooling break in hot weather of Singapore. Unfortunately, Singapore’s weather remains hot throughout the year. But fortunately, several water parks are there to soothe your muscles and prepare you for more entertaining trips with improved zeal and stamina. Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa is one of these invigorating destinations in Singapore.

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Adventure Cove WaterPark Highlights

Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa was previously known as Equarius Water Park. It is an ideal water-based destination, especially if you want to have fun with your family and kids.

What Will You Find Here?

Apart from adventurous rides and classy pools, you will also find 2 restaurants exhibiting delicious Singaporean, Asian and continental foods. The restaurants are not Halal certified. The prices are equal to Universla Studio Singapore’s prices. One should prefer family combos to save some bucks.

Statues and architectural developments can be found on every inch. The interior of the water park is particularly designed with stone and blue marble.


Adventure Cove Water Park has been classified into specific sections with particular themes.

Waves at Adventure Cove WaterPark Sentosa
Waves at Adventure Cove WaterPark

Adventure River is a 620 meter long river. Its smooth current can be enjoyed during a walk on the trail. You can also float on the water surface throughout the river length.

Grotto is a stone carved dark area with blue water streams and yellow glowing lanterns. Grotto ends at Aquarium Tunnel where turtles and Arowanas swim around you. The tunnel also surrounds the Ray Bay.

Dolphin Island follows the Ray Bay and features special Dolphin interaction programs charging extra fee.

With 3 meters deep water, Rainbow Reef offers various water sports and activities – which can be viewed from the reef deck. You can also dive into a pool of 20,000 small fish. It also contains slides and rides.

Whirlpool Washout and Slider Washout are next to Rainbow Reef offering big slides and slide tunnels.

Tidal Twister and Pipeline Plunge are stuffed with pipe slides and twisting rides falling straight into artificial tidal streams.

Splashworks is deeper and designed especially for efficient swimmers.

Bluewater is a house of artificial water stream pool.

Adventure Cove Water Park Slides

Special Programs

1. Ray Bay program allows you to feed the ray fish. Don’t forget to wear the gloves and boots provided by the park administration.

2. Dolphin Discovery is held at Dolphin Island. You can splash into the waist deep water, play with Dolphins and adore their shiny skin.

3. Dolphin Trek is also held at Dolphin Island in which you wear Sea Trek helmets and enjoy with Dolphins underwater.

Tips to Remember

1. Send the family’s or group’s most calm but active person to get the ticket.

2. Tickets are available on first come first get basis.  Also, the tickets are valid for one day only i.e. the date of purchase.

3. Spare $10 to get a private small locker and $20 for a larger one to secure your belongings.

4. Napkins, diapers, undergarments, jackets, jeans, long skirts, slippers and all dresses with zippers and buttons are prohibited in the park.

5. Life jackets are available free of cost.

Opening Hours

Like all other Resort World Sentosa’s attractions, the Adventure Cove WaterPark is also open from 10 am till 7 pm. The Splashworks Zone is open from 12 PM to 4 PM only.


Confound in the premises of Resort World Sentosa, Adventure Cove WaterPark is the only water theme park there. The first one was Fantasy Island which was shut down in 2001.

There are plenty of water theme based attractions in Sentosa including Port of Lost Wonder, MegaZip Adventure Park, Marine Life Park, S.E.A Aquarium and Mambo Beach Club.


Photo Credit: CYS & Flickr

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