Where to Buy Cameras and Camera Accessories in Singapore

Where to buy camera & accessories in SingaporeThere are so many places in Singapore to buy cameras and photography accessories that you may as well be choosey about where you go.  A good camera store will offer a wide selection of high quality products at reasonable prices with international warranties.  You should also insist upon customer service staff that is knowledgeable, courteous and helpful.

Unfortunately, there are countless merchants in Singapore that will take the tourist’s automatic assumption that all electronics are cheaper in Singapore to a pitiful level, replacing new cameras with older models in a new box, doubling the recommended price and selling faulty equipment.  Luckily, there are enough quality outlets of analog and digital cameras, lenses, developing supplies and machinery, bags and every other accessory you can think of.

If your usage for the camera is temporary then you might consider renting a camera from these shops.

Shops to buy Cameras in Singapore

We have selected some of the best shops to buy camera and camera accessories in Singapore. These shops sell all the latest models of digital cameras and are reliable.

Buy it Online

There is no better way to buy digital camera’s & accessories online, especially if the shop is based in Singapore and there is no huge delivery cost involved. One such shop is Lazada as they carry all the known camera brands & accessories for the ease of shoppers. Click to browse camera products on Lazada website.

Cathay Photo

Cathay Photo is the largest chain of camera and photographic equipment stores in Singapore, with locations at Peninsula Plaza, Marina Square and Raffles Boulevard.  They offer a large inventory with fair prices and they will provide online quotes.  Ron’s Camera shop, in Peninsula Center is another reliable shop.

Funan DigitalLife Mall

The most reliable mall in Singapore for IT, electronics and camera shopping in Singapore. Some of the names to look for in the mall are Alan Photo, Photo Supplies and John 3:16 for your camera needs.  The father and son team that run John 3:16 offer outstanding service for a slightly higher price. You will also find specialized shops selling only Nikon and Canon cameras.

Sim Lim Square

Another shopping center, specialized in selling IT, electronics and camera products. Few names to look for buying cameras are Song Brothers, Alan Photo & Orient Photo.  Alan Photo is recognized for having a large inventory.  Just be sure to do your homework before shopping so you know the value of what you want to buy.  Alan Photo is also located at Funan DigitaLife Mall.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road should generally be avoided for camera shopping due to the heavy tourist trade.  You simply cannot find good deals or quality equipment.  The two exceptions to that rule are Harvey Norman and Lord’s Camera.  TK Foto Technic in Shaw Towers is also comes highly recommended.

MS Colour

MS Colour has two shops on Ang Mo Kio Avenue.  They will provide online quotes and offer good prices on their cameras and photo accessories.  The Camera Workshop on Coleman Street is another great place to buy used equipment, filters, bags, lens caps and other accessories.

Ruby Photo

Ruby Photo focuses on the details that make the difference in customer satisfaction. They have a large film inventory and are recognized as the best place to have your black & white film and slides processed.  They also offer many accessories including Holga cameras, Bowens studio equipment and much, much more.

Obviously, there are many quality outlets for your camera shopping.  It will help if you know ahead of time the recommended price and the specifications for your purchases.  Be sure to take your time while bargaining to ensure the best price.  The general rule of thumb is three hours of shopping and negotiating for a satisfactory camera shopping experience.

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