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Top 10 Must-Buys in Singapore & Shopping Tips

9. Singapore Specific Garments

Variety of clothing items can be purchased in Singapore
Variety of clothing items can be purchased in Singapore

Singapore specific garments, especially T-shirts and sporting goods, are readily available at very affordable rate. Singapore Specific garments are produced by local manufacturers so they are never expensive at all. These garments are theme-specific including ‘Little Facts about Singapore’ and ‘Singapore Famous Things’ etc.

A good brand for Singapore-specific garments is Temasek Clothings. These shirts have a quirky mix of funny and punny statement prints that are uniquely Singapore. You can find these shirts in stores located in major malls in Orchard Gateway and Suntec City.

If you want a more satirical Singapore-specific shirt, then you should definitely check out the brand called “A Good Citizen” The shirts sold in this store are really very artistic, depicting cartoons that give a quirky glimpse into Singapore daily life. Check out the brand’s main office at Pearl’s Hill Terrace to get to know more of their artistic process.

Buying in Singapore-specific garments bulk? It’s highly recommended that you go to Chinatown. The shirts there are really cheap, and you can even bargain. The variety in designs is also good, so you can choose from different statement shirts.

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